Cheapest Spring Break Idea

Cheapest and Most Rewarding Spring Break Idea

You should be excited to read a post about a fabulous travel destination that is not going to break the bank while being super entertaining for the kids:


Yes, my cheapest and most rewarding spring break idea truly is reading. Don’t give up on me just yet.

Rewarding: Reading with your children can honestly be one of the most rewarding gifts to the child, parent, and family as a whole. Not only can it be enjoyable but reading together helps foster a stronger relationship through a sense of intimacy, calmness & being loved on, reciprocating special attention, promoting communication and so much more. Reading with your child helps with language development, listening skills, imagination, promotes longer attention span helping with concentration (opposite from screen time), and according to this research published, “reading to a child in an interactive style raises his or her IQ by 6 points.” Click here to read more about the many benefits of reading and how to make your child a reader. This post contains some affiliate links.

Cheapest: Cheapest because basically, it’s free!

cheapest spring break idea
Most Rewarding and Cheapest Spring Break Idea: Turn the pages of your imagination and dream with your eyes open!

Cheapest and Most Rewarding Spring Break Idea: Reading over spring break:
10 Reading Ideas

1) Pick up some unique books and start reading to your children!

2) Spend a special moment with each child separately holding them and reading a book to them.

3) Go to your local library and check out some books.

4) Have your children get their own special library card if they don’t already have one!!

5) Check out your local library for spring break events and read some books while there!

6) Look for Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood. See if they have any interesting books for you to take and if you have any books that you can deposit.

7) Take some time over spring break to reevaluate where your books are located in your house. Maybe work on reorganizing books especially if books are competing with a screen (TV or iPad/handheld device). Where are your books in comparison to the TV? Read more, TV/Computer Versus Books.

Sorting books into different subjects

8) Work on reorganizing books. We took out all our books and organized them based on subjects.
As my boys are entering elementary ages, this has been especially helpful.
I let my boys help with sorting and organizing books which took us over a week to do. We’re crazy for books!! You can see in my pictures some examples.

Most rewarding and cheapest spring break idea. Organizing and sorting books!

This is what our classification system looks like: dinosaurs, faith-based, bedtime, math, planets, Eric Carle, reptile/amphibians/birds, science, Dr. Seuss, sing along with CDs, green earth/recycle, books in international, German(Deutsche Bucher), holidays, ocean/fish/ships/pirates, the human body, crafts, toddler board books, cars, leveled readers, art, legos, homeschool academics, history, fairy tales, and more.
Once we classified and sorted, I used bins to separate the books. In the future, when I downsize our family book collection, I can use the bins in the kitchen or bathroom. My bins came from the container store. Here are some similar bins: This book and binder bin is used in many classrooms and this is an InterDesign Linus Organizer Bin

9) Make reading fun, exciting and different. Unusual places to read with your child.

10) Create themed reading days. This is what I plan on doing, read below!

My Personal Spring Break Reading Plan is Going to Be Themed Reading:

Day One: Dr. Seuss Themed
We are starting with our Dr. Seuss collection of books. This past Friday, March 2nd, was National Read Across America Day 2018 in celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. This year, I actually missed acknowledging this day so I’m going to do it over spring break. To get into the theme, I have some Dr. Seuss hats, wigs, headband, socks and shirts for my boys and myself to wear. I also love these Dr. Seuss pajamas, as well as these things 1 and 2 pajamas and  I make a difference pajamas.

When I bring out our Dr. Seuss book collection, I plan to first link back, through conversation, to events and books that we are already familiar with. From the smallest to the tallest, we all know how fun Dr. Seuss is and how he likes to play. What events have we attended that were Dr. Seuss themed? I’ll remind them about seeing The Grinch at the Opera as well as the Dallas Museum of Art, and camp at their school. I’ll review who Dr. Seuss is? Dr. Seuss, Theodor Seuss Geisel, was born March 2, 1904 and passed away in 1991. Before passing away, Theodor Seuss Geisel published 44 children’s books. I’ll pick my favorite Dr. Seuss book to read and tell them why then I’ll let them each pick their favorite Dr. Seuss book to read and tell me why it’s their favorite.

My first favorite book is “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” which was his last book to be published before he passed away. This is an excellent book for a high school or college graduation gift. This book was actually gifted to me as a graduation gift and was honestly an extra push towards my decision to spontaneously move abroad to Ireland.

After reading our books, I’m thinking on the possibility of making and serving some fun Dr. Seuss-themed food and crafts. I haven’t planned what exactly but for sure I’ll serve some green eggs. After crafts, I’ll probably let the boys be “bofas on the sofa” and watch some of the Cat in the Hat PBS shows.

Most rewarding and cheapest spring break idea.
Most rewarding and cheapest spring break idea.

Following my themed day, I’m going to let each one of my three boys come up with their own themed book day. It can be anything such as outer space, dinosaurs, legos, cars, the ocean, earth books, anything chosen from our sorted books. I’ll spend a little time with each of them gathering their themed books, how we could dress to represent that theme, food and or crafts to do and then maybe a themed movie to follow.

Whether over spring break, summer break, weekends, weeknights, at any time, I hope this post has helped to encourage a parent(s) to read and have fun reading with their child(s).


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