Home Depot FREE Kids Workshops

Home Depot FREE Kids Workshops

Ahhhhh, I love walking into Home Depot and smelling fresh cut wood, paint drying, and fertilizers for gardening, hear hammering, electrical saws sawing, and the pounding of wood being stacked, and best of all, to see kids laughing while working hard….. Wait what?

Oh yes, if you don’t know, Home Depot has the most amazing FREE Kids Workshops on the first Saturday of each month, see link below. I’ve known about this workshop since my first son was born and literally waiting until he turned 5, age the workshop is suggested for (5-12), but I just couldn’t wait so I already started taking him with barely 4 years of age.Blog Home Depot Craft 1stBlog Home Depot Craft 1st
Blog home depot car painting

Help with shopping!! I seriously, starting with 2 yrs of age gave all my boys a list and expectations to help from grocery store to Target.

Help with shopping!! Seriously, starting with 2 yrs of age, I gave all my boys a list and expectations to help from grocery shopping to Target stores and more…and they do!!!

I have 3 boys, and I want them to be self-sufficient in homemaking; giving them chores and responsibilities around the house is a huge step in helping them to become self-sufficient. Having my boys able to do their own laundry to cooking and cleaning to home improvements, or just keep a home in good condition are some of these steps. I will have them cooking along beside me in the kitchen; have them loading and sorting laundry and working on home improvements as early as I can.

I want my future daughter-in-laws, to be like, ummm, thank you, but more importantly, I want to make sure my sons are as self-sufficient as possible; this means, being able to take care of themselves and those in their family: feed, clothe, house, emotionally care for, and always educating.

My husband and I usually divide and conquer for our boy’s events, but we all stop and take the time to go to Home Depot for their workshops together. I love it, my husband loves it, our son loves it and our younger boys love just observing their brother.

Home Depot FREE Kids Workshops
• Time: 9am-12pm
• First Saturday of each month
• Just show up
• Home Depot supplies all materials
• Age appropriate for 5- 12 (we started our son with 4)
• Keep craft made, keep workshop apron and a commemorative pin
• Please try to register ahead to help them stock enough supplies for all children wanting to participate, Click here to see more workshop info and register

Almost 4 yrs old, I'm not sure who loves the Home Depot Workshops more....!!

Almost 4 yrs old, I’m not sure who loves the Home Depot Workshops more….!!

Have you been to a Home Depot Workshop? If so, what did you craft? What are some of your favorite workshops to attend, free or via pay, and why?

Additionally, I know that Lowe’s and Home Depot are competitors, but as a mom who manages rent homes, I know that both stores DO NOT offer the same….same with the workshops! They both offer amazing but different workshops so check out both. Lowe’s Build & Grow Workshops. The times and dates are different from Home Depot so check out their site via link posted above.


7 Wisdom from Others to Home Depot FREE Kids Workshops

  1. Diana says:

    So awesome that they have these! What a wonderful idea 🙂 Kids need more of these sort of things.

    • Beth says:

      Diana, It is such a wonderful idea. I think it is awesome that stores like #HomeDepot are so kid friendly and family inviting to the store and craft for DIY family!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Wow. This is such a great idea. Good clean fun for everyone. We definitely need to go do this! My son and daughter would both love this.

    • Beth says:

      That’s great Rebecca! Let us know how it went and how much fun they (and you) had! We love it!

    • Bob says:

      I would be a little careful with the “clean” idea. They always have a painting station for the crafts, so the kids can easily get some stains. It adds to the fun of course.

      • Beth says:

        Hi Bob, You are SOOO right. After having several nice shirts ruined via paint, I stubbornly learned to not send them in their best. I liked that you mentioned this. When I repost this post, I’m going to mention this. Thanks for reading and your feedback. Beth

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