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Events & Kids Activities around DFW
DMA Again PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, July 21, 2013

dma art fun copyDMA time again. I LOVE the DMA. It is one of my favorite events to attend with the kids. Sadly, it's been awhile, and it wasn't easy going to the DMA with infant twins and a toddler. However, we did it. Stressful, yes! It was fun, but stressful trying to keep an eye on a running toddler and two babies. It had started to rain on us, and I was thankful to be there with a good friend who could help.

The picture, left, our toddlers painting with different veggies such as cucumbers, potatoes, and apples. Picture, below right, is of our toddlers hiding out under a cover while it rains. We got stuck at the park, across from the museum, when it had started to rain and I had to breastfeed. My friend patiently waited with me which was so sweet. Our toddlers still had fun in the rain!

dma after fun copy

Other posts about the DMA for children: 1) Tuesdays at DMA for kids and 2) Q & A for DMA  3) David Chicken performed at DMA & Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit  4) Food Trucks 

Cupcake ATM PDF Print E-mail
Friday, July 19, 2013

cupcake atm with twinsLook at this interesting little place that we stumbled upon, yesterday, while out for a walk. A 24 hour ATM for cupcakes via the store, sprinkles. So very interesting! This is ONE of only 3 cupcake ATMs in the world….of course Dallas would debut such. I’m beginning to think Dallas truly has everything!

I wouldn’t hurry over to the ATM just yet. Seems they are still working out glitches as I observed a family before me unsuccessfully retrieve a cupcake. Still, the people at the store gave a complimentary cupcake to the family waiting. Looks like the store has good customer service, in addition to a convenient ATM, which is always a plus as far as I’m concerned!

Actually you might want to check the store out now as: Everyday until mid-August, one box will have a $50 gift card! Friday, July 19, and Saturday the 20th, the ATM will have gift cards worth $10, $50 and $100 hidden inside the cupcake boxes. That would be a nice surprise!! 

Sprinkles and their ATM are located at 4020 Villanova Drive, in the middle of the shopping center, off of Northwest Hwy and Preston Rd. Store hours are M-S 9am-9pm and Sunday 10am-8pm. Cost of the cupcake via ATM is the same as store bought, $4.

Disclaimer: Twins with an awesome stroller do not come included; I just always try to pop them into my pictures when I can because I think they are so preciously cute

Would you like to withdraw a cupcake? I know my toddler would!

Rapes in Lake Highlands: Protect Your Family and You PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wasp _Hornet_Spray_2Currently, our community is being assaulted by a bold rapist, or 3, uhhh what? click here for news report. Everyone is coming together to support victims and try to be proactive in creating further attacks. We live in a beautiful family oriented community. Therefore, the following is something I feel important to share.

I also want to let everyone know, that in 2003, I was attacked, by a man, a rapist, in a bathroom. I believe, I owe my survival to the instructor of my gun license class, taken just weeks prior to my attack. The instructor taught all the women some basic survival tips, in addition to gun use, as he believed women survived better via other ways vs guns. I used what he taught me, and I believe, to this day, it saved me…..will state what I did in post to follow soon. In the meantime:

Here is an alternative to having a hand gun under or beside your bed. You could even keep a second can in your car. However, just make sure when temps start heating up, you take it out so it doesn’t explode.

The following is food for thought sent via my German mother-in-law via someone else? At first, I thought, what is my German MIL trying to tell this Texan girl about guns, but then I really read the following. Then I thought, that works and works better!! Think about it! Consider it!

I know some of you own GUNS, myself included, but this is something to think about... If you don't have a gun, or just prefer to think of an alternative to guns, as I do with 3 under 3 in my house, here's a more humane way to wreck someone's evil plans for you. Did you know this? I didn't. I never really thought of it before. I guess I can get rid of the baseball bat.

Hot Air Balloon Festival Texas PDF Print E-mail
Friday, November 16, 2012

hot air_balloon_festival_kissing_2_CopyMy son just loves balloons. Last month, we attended a hot air balloon festival. That was really a lot of fun. We arrived around 6am and watched the sunrise. My husband is not really a morning person, but I absolutely love getting up early, especially when starting a day with a beautiful sunrise, blue skies, loved ones sitting beside you, the atmosphere of a balloon festival, and of course a nice hot cup of Joe.

hot air_balloon_festival_Thor_on_computer_Copyhot air_balloon_festival_bumble_bee_Copy

We had no problem waking our son up at 5am. The night before, we explained the festival, and we let him preview the balloons via the computer. He spent nearly an hour scrolling through and viewing them on the computer. Waking him up, we told him to hurry before the sun got up and we were going to see the hot air balloons. Within minutes, he was out of bed, running around to get ready.

hot air_balloon_festival_Thor_w_mama_good_Copy

hot air_balloon_festival_Thor_n_mama_good_2_CopyAs some of the balloons had just started to inflate, and we were eating our breakfast, unknown to us, a bee had landed on our son’s shirt, made its way inside his shirt and stung him. Our poor son started wailing and screaming, and we immediately knew something was wrong. My husband pulled the bee off and the stinger out then he went to get something to put on the sting. As soon as he had left, I was trying to console our still screaming child. I started to point out the balloons being inflated, and this awesome distraction, despite his pain, quickly won over and not even one more cry came from our son. One tough boy! I might have still been crying.

hot air_balloon_festival_Thor_n_papa_Copy

hot air_balloon_festival_many_good_pic_Copyhot air_balloon_festival_kissing_1_Copy

After 15+ balloons were initially launched, everyone was allowed to walk around the launching site. Our son really enjoyed walking under the balloons, and you can see below, in the pictures, the crew even let him hold “the” string/cord that held the big ladybug balloon down on the ground. He really loved doing this and we could barely get the cord away from our son to give back to the crewman. Then at one of the baskets, they lifted my son up to meet the pilot and go into the basket. Our son kept saying that he wanted to go up. Great that our young toddler already has no fear, what will it be like for us in his teenage years, oh boy!

hot air_balloon_festival_Thor_holding_string_2_Copyhot air_balloon_festival__pretty_Copy

hot air_balloon_festival_Thor_holding_string_3_Copyhot air_balloon_festival_papa_n_thor_on_field_good_Copyhot air_balloon_festival_pretty_2_Copyhot air_balloon_festival_TX_balloon_best_Copy

After we arrived back home, we printed out and did some activities together which supported the theme of balloons and the letter B. I also showed my son France, on his table mat which has countries on it, and explained how the Montgolfier brothers, from France, were the ones who invented the standard hot-air balloon.

Click here for some of the printable activities that we used:

    1. Hot air balloon with shapes
    2. Let B and words with the letter B
    3. Clown with balloons

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2nd Annual Lake Highlands Oktoberfest in Dallas PDF Print E-mail
Friday, October 5, 2012

2ND Oktoberfest

Are you looking for fun ways to celebrate Oktoberfest in the Forth Worth area this fall? Don't miss the 2nd Annual Lake Highlands Oktoberfest in Dallas! It takes place this Saturday, October 6th, 2012 from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm at the Lake Highlands Town Center. The Oktoberfest is presented by the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands and is packed with fun for kids and adults.


We already wrote about the 1st Annual Lake Highlands Oktoberfest, more here.

We had a lot of fun last year and can´t wait to visit the 2nd Annual Lake Highlands Oktoberfest.

oktoberfest 10

oktoberfest 12

German and American food will be provided by many local vendors, read here, and adults will appreciate the Biergarten keg tapping by Mayor Rawlings at 12:05 pm and running all day.


Entertainment options include live polka music from The Movarians and Matt Tolentino and the Royal Klobasneks.Traditional Bavarian folk dancing will be provided by STV Almrausch, and there will be cheer routines from numerous surrounding schools.


Be sure to check the full schedule of events so you don’t miss out on any of the great entertainment options at the Lake Highlands Oktoberfest. For more information visit This is one local event you don´t want to miss!

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