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This post provides 10 Free Water Safety Resources for Drowning Prevention. Drowning is a serious problem. According to the CDC statistics in the United States there about 10 deaths per day from drowning, one of five are children 14 and younger, children ages 1-4 have the highest drowning rate, most drownings occur in swimming pools and “Nearly 80% of people who die from drowning are male.” *Also, to answer another popular question constantly emailed to me about my underwater camera…info at the end of the post!

Swimming and Water Safety #watersafety #swimming #poolside
Click here to read the post, Swimming and Poolside Safely with Twins and Multiples.

My family takes pool and water safety very seriously and I post about water safety every year because:

#1 We have a pool in our backyard
#2 We’re surrounded by lakes and pools in TX
#3 Fact: nearly 300 people drown in TX yearly
#4 Every year my blog’s most shared post is Swimming and Poolside Safely with Twins and Multiples (Click here to read that post) which shows me that other’s are looking for tips and resources for water safety. This post contains some affiliate links.

10 Free Water Safety Resources and Assessments for Drowning Prevention:

#1 Click here for your own interactive lesson, “lifeguard 101”, where you can choose between indoor or outdoor water for your own safety checklist.

#2 You can have your child’s swimming skills tested at a local YMCA. Click here for a free swimming assessment.

Free Water Safety Resources
Pool Safely Beach Balls

#3 Click here to request your free water watcher tags via mail or download and print.

#4 FREE waterbabies class at Emler.

#5 Pool Safely is my favorite website for providing free brochures, videos, pamphlets, and other pool/swim safe material.

#6 AquaCode! We implemented the word aquacode when referencing water safety. I really like Australia’s Swim and Survive website which teaches the aquacode, and has free printables, game-zone, water safety quiz and worksheets. Suitable for pre-schoolers upwards.

Free Water Safety Resources #swimming
This is me swimming at the bottom of my pool with one of my boys on my back. 10 Free Water Safety Resources

#7 This RNLI website is fantastic for water, beach and sea safety for children and adults. I have used the teacher’s lesson plans at home with my own children. The website is full of coloring pages, quizzes, lesson plans, free printables, posters and so much more.

#8 Another website about water safety with lesson plans and cutouts for K-2nd grade.

#9 Bobber’s cartoon website with games, activities, and coloring for water and boat safety.

#10 This is another fantastic website, with lesson plans, quizzes, coloring pages and material including book resources to read following the lessons.

* I printed pages 10-13 to teach and talk with my boys about what buoyancy is, objects that floats, why humans float and how to float in the water.
* I am also planning on printing up the ABC cutout squares for vocabulary and water safety to practice at home with my children. Water safety material includes lessons for swimming, boating, dams, and water rescue.

**The following program serves the community of Dallas:

Educate those around you on how to keep kids safe in and around the water by scheduling a FREE Know Before You Go Presentation for your school, church or community group. Available for adult and kid groups. To request a presentation for your organization or club send your information and preferred dates to jamie.pelletier@childrens.com.

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Free Water Safety Resources:

The 3 Essential Rules of Water Safetyfor important drowning prevention ideas and the three B’s for Basic Safety which I learned at a Know Before You Go water safety class at Dallas Children’s Medical Center.

The 3 Essential Rules of Water Safety

#1 Test & Teach
#2 Watch & Guard
#3 Throw, Don’t Go
Click here to read more information about each essential rule.

Free water safety resources
Thank you Know Before You Go for educating me in person with water safety tips and drowning prevention. We love summertime swimming and pool fun but take water safety very seriously!

The throw, don’t go, was something new taught to me. If your child was to fall in, would your first instinct be to jump in after them? It would have been mine but this is not what you should do. You should never jump in to save a child…click here to read why and what to do instead.

The 3 B’s 

Click here to read a more detailed description for each of the 3 B’s!
Be Informed
Be Alert
Be Prepared

In addition to Free Water Safety Resources, here are a few other water safety and drowning prevention resources to consider:

Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim
Stewie The Duck Learns to Swim

#1 BookStewie the Duck. This book shows Stewie’s adventures as he shows the right and wrong way to behave in water.

#2 Adult & Child CPR Anytime Kit: I did purchase this kit, three years ago, and practiced it at home. As a family, we watched the CD and took turns practicing CPR on the inflatable Mini Anne.

#3 Whistle with Breakaway Lanyard: I use this when poolside with my boys. However, I also use this whistle inside and outside if I need to get the quick attention of my boys for safety concerns.

Adult and Child CPR Anytime Kit
Puddle Jumpers #puddlejumpers
Coast Guard Approved Puddle Jumpers

#4 Puddle Jumpers for Toddlers & Kids. Puddle jumpers and or life vests should be marked “Coast Guard Approved.” Puddle Jumpers are wonderful life jackets to use for children. They are US Coast Guard Approved Type V. They are meant for kids 30-50 lbs, 2-5-year-olds.

For more information about life jackets such as puddle jumpers for children, click here to read this post, Swimming and Poolside Safely with Twins and Multiples.

Underwater Camera

And because I get SOOOO many emails asking about what underwater camera I use…For less than $100, this camera has served my family well as an underwater camera for 3+ years. It’s digital, takes great pictures and video. My boys use it, and they’ve dropped it hundreds of times but still, the camera is working great. Fujifilm FinePix XP120 Waterproof Digital Camera International Model (Blue)

What resources and tips would you add for water safety?

Do you have any free water safety resources to share?

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  1. I love everything about this post. My kids learned water safety and how to float as young toddlers. They learned to love the water and one of them ended up being a lifeguard. It is very important for young kids to learn water safety and how to swim!

  2. As a new Mom to a 13 month old i need to safely implement swimming activities and start my baby having water fun this summer. I’m afraid of water myself but don’t want that to impact her childhood or fun with friends in the future! Water safety is so important! Thanks for posting!


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