10 Great Memory Verses for Boys & How to Teach Them

As Christian moms, we all know that hiding the Word in our young ones’ hearts will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Let’s be honest, though… how many of our kids jump up and down when we tell them we want them to memorize something? We want our boys to be warriors for God, so let’s make it fun in teaching them how to handle their swords (the Word of God, Ephesians 6:17). Here are 6 ideas to spur their interest and 10 foundational verses that would benefit every young man.

1. Make it visual. Are you artistic? Scrap-booker? Know how to Google images? We have found hanging the verse on the wall with visual interest makes it fun and easier for our son to remember. We hang it where he sits to play with his toys and have snack and find him practicing it himself, since the pictures prompt him to remember the words.
2. Make it repetitive. Have a set minute or two every day to review your verse. Doesn’t need to be strict and formal. We do ours during afternoon snack when he is sitting at his table, but whatever works for your rhythm.
3. Make it physical. Boys like to move! Studies show that their brains make more connections when they are thinking on the move. It is not just jitters, but how God made them. Sometimes when we are memorizing, we physically make motions, run in place, dance in a circle, pretend we are in a band, etc. Just move and have fun!
4. Make it musical. Our family is a singing family. We use the tune from familiar songs to memorize our verses sometimes. And, we even make up our own tunes. I just overheard my 4-year-old making up his own song the other day. Music speaks to our hearts. Have fun and be silly with your tunes. Making sweet memories is the goal, not perfection.
5. Make it competitive. I give my son, goals. “If you can say the verse one time by yourself, I will…” This gives him incentive. We bribe for learning skills, not behavior. Some families don’t like this idea. Take it or leave it.
6. Celebrate.Whenever your kid learns a new skill, tries his best, or listens well, celebrate! We do lots of tickles and hugs and high fives. Whatever speaks to the heart of your son and his age.

MY TOP 10 BIBLE VERSES FOR BOYS: And what they teach
1. Genesis 1:1. God created everything.
2. Psalm 18:30. God is perfect and is a shield.
3. Isaiah 59:2. Sin separates us from God.
4. Romans 3:23. All of us sin.
5. John 3:16. The gospel in one verse.
6. John 15:13. What love is.
7. Romans 10:9. How to be saved.
8. Ephesians 6:10-11. To be a soldier for God. (I am working on my son memorizing Ephesians 6:10-18 one verse at a time). 9. Mark 16:15. Share Jesus with others.
10. Luke 10:27. Love God, love others.

Thank you Seana for this wonderful guest post; visit SeanaSScott.com
Thank you Seana for this wonderful guest post; visit SeanaSScott.com for more wisdom from Seana!

What ideas do you have to teach the Bible to our kids? Please leave a comment.
Thank you Seana for this wonderful guest post!

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