10 Interesting Unknown Facts about Oktoberfest Hearts

I absolutely love Oktoberfest Gingerbread Hearts. We’ve eaten them, made them, and have some memorable hearts on display in our home. Gingerbread Hearts (Lebkuchenherz in German) are gingerbread honey cakes decorated with endearing words. These 10 Interesting Unknown Facts about Oktoberfest Hearts will have you falling in love with them as well.

10 Interesting Unknown Facts about Oktoberfest Hearts

#1 Every year, more than half a million hearts are sold at Munich’s Oktoberfest.

#2 Currently, the company Zuckersucht GmbH in Aschheim is providing Oktoberfest with about 80% of the gingerbread hearts.

#3 Production for the hearts sold in September at the Munich Oktoberfest begin in June.

#4 All the ingredients for the hearts are sourced locally from Bavaria.

#5 Herzl Painters hand-decorate all the hearts for Oktoberfest.

#6 Herzl Painters study and practice for two years before becoming Oktoberfest Herzl Painters. Herzl Painters who want to decorate the hearts with poetic words need “around two years to master the script perfectly.”

One of the first Lebkuchenherz my Bavarian husband bought for me

#7 They will last forever!

#8 Ok, maybe #7 is a bit of an exaggeration but maybe not? After all, original honeycakes have been found as far back as 350 BC in Egyptian graves. The gingerbread cakes made today use the same recipe as the original honeycakes but with more spices.

#9 I can personally attest to the everlasting gingerbread heart. I still have the very first heart my admirer, now husband, bought me hanging on a wall in our home some 17 years later.

Our wall collection of hearts consists of Oktoberfest hearts from Munich and gifted hearts from Bavarian weddings that we’ve attended.

#10 If you ever attend Oktoberfest in Munich, you must buy a Lebkuchenherz to gift or as a personal souvenir.

Are you familiar with Lebkuchenherz? If so, do you have any interesting facts to share?

Did you know Oktoberfest in Munich is Kid friendly? Actually, most Germans don’t even know this about Oktoberfest. If you know where to go, The Wiesn, Oktoberfest, in Munich, Germany is extremely family friendly. Read this post for the details!

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