10 Reasons Why Prematurity Awareness Month Matters

November is Prematurity Awareness Month, and Tuesday, November 17 is World Prematurity Day, THE DAY, to really focus on awareness. We all know when it’s breast cancer awareness month, as one can practically suffocate with pink, and everyone is all too familiar with ALS via the fun ice-bucket challenge. Sadly, the fact that nearly all of my friends have never even heard of prematurity awareness month, and day, shows the lack of awareness and silence surrounding prematurity.

10 Reasons Why Prematurity Awareness Month Matters
1) Raising public awareness. Knowledge is key.
2) Improve child survival.
3) This is probably my biggest campaign at heart: Prematurity of babies. My twins came nearly 2 months early. I wish I had been more aware and prepared. Awareness matters!
4) You will most likely know someone, family member or friend, who will spend time in the NICU and care for a premature baby.
5) Know how to provide and give emotional support to your family member or friend.
6) Empower parents who have to face the NICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
Parenting in the NICU is strange, different, disempowering, isolating and terrifying. Education on how parents can be an advocate in care can help empower them.
7) According to March of Dimes, “prematurity is the leading killer of American’s newborns” and those who survive often face lifelong health problems.
8) #1 killer of newborns and #1 cause of disability in children
9) More research is needed in the reasons and causes of premature birth so we can help more mothers carry closer to 40 weeks when possible.
10) Everyone can play a role in helping. My personal role is to campaign through blog posts via personal stories and facts.

March of Dimes campaigns the Four “I’s” for everyone being able to help
1) Inform (spreading the word, awareness, educate, and engage about prematurity)
2) Invest (advocate for research: prevention of preterm births and how to support and care for families with premature babies)
3) Innovate (develop and test services needed for prevention and care)
4) Implement (strengthen coping support for families dealing with preterm birth and long-term issues)

Are you a parent who had a premature baby and spent time in the NICU? We would love to hear from you or to have you share your story!! Contact us here and or leave feedback below. We will have testimonies and tips for premature baby care posted over the next three weeks.
Please help support Prematurity Awareness Month: Sharing is Caring!! Thank you!


Sharing is Caring!

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