10 Reasons To Attend LHAECPTA Home Tour & Auction

The 21st century culture is good at keeping Americans apart. From mass media to mass communication, we are losing our sense of community by becoming more involved in our own lives, homes, problems and needs. We are all so busy and find excuses with our own to do list and needs with precious little time left over to give elsewhere. Exhausted, many of us might rather sit, veg, and space to more mass communication instead of reaching out to actually communicate face to face with our neighbors and community. Would you like to make your community stronger, more connected, wiser, more resilient, and engaged? We aren’t asking you to attend a barn-raising event, this isn’t the 18th century, but the barn-raising need is still there. On April 10th and 11th Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA (LHAECPTA) will be hosting an eleven year tradition the fills our sense of community, connect and wonder.

10 Reasons To Attend LHAECPTA Home Tour & Auction:

1) Take the time to engage with the place where you live.
It’s proven that support networks help hold families together. It also takes a support network to make a community.

2) To keep a village strong, wise, and alive we have to be engaged.
This year the Home Tour and Auction will be on two days and cover a wide plethora of engagement opportunities: dinner, celebration, party, tour, socializing, showing support, and so much more.

3) Use the support network of Lake Highlands by attending this event.
We are a strong, wise, resilient village because of our support network. If you are asking the question, what support network?, then these events are the perfect induction into the wonderful world of the Lake Highlands community.

4) Be THAT example to your children.
Do you want your children to be involved in community? Teach by example, be THAT example and support this local organization

5) Your Financial Investment.
You invested, or would like to invest, in a home in this community, right? Would you like to see your investment greatly increase? The simple investment of your time and involvement in community is an easy way to ensure the profit of your investment. Everyone knows one of the biggest allurements of Lake Highlands is the community + location, but it takes both to make a desired locality.

6) A way to say Thank You to over 150 local volunteers and local businesses.
In addition to the 11th Annual Home Tour & Auction Committee: Erin Cowden, Kenna Farrach, Camille Jacobie, Kelli Rose there have been up to 150 behind the scenes volunteers. All these volunteers took time away from their families to give to this community for the sake of our children, our homes, our investments, our community. Attending is the best way to say Thank You! Additionally, many local businesses have generously donated and by purchasing tickets, bidding, attending, you are supporting these local businesses in return.

7) Seriously have you seen the auction items up for grab?
Take a look because the items speak for themselves! Perfect opportunity to purchase some fantastic deals!

8) Last Year around $9,500 was raised.
Surely we can raise even more than that! Last year, Lakewood’s Home Tour raised $140,000. Now envision the possibilities with what our community could be raising if we support the LHAECPTA in attending the auction and/or tour. Our homes are just as nice as the homes in Lakewood. Take a look for yourself, Saturday April 11! Money raised is used to support educational programs for our families, various philanthropic events, and other activities.

9) Fun outing to attend
Think of the possibilities that this two-day event offers: Date night with the hubby for the auction social; grab a friend to have a fun night out while bidding on some amazing items.. The Home Tour is the perfect mother/daughter, husband/wife, girlfriends, mother/son, any combination family/friend outing.

10) Home Ideas
The homes on tour reflect the many styles present in LH, from traditional to modern, original to new build. Touring homes is a great way to get decorating ideas, remodeling ideas, and is just entertaining.

Click here for more information, purchase tickets, or start bidding on some deals. Hope to see you at the Auction and Home Tours, both of which we WiseMommies will be attending!

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