10 Reasons Why I Blog

Why do People Blog? Understanding the magnitude of blogs and the difference between being a hobby blogger and business blogger remain blurred lines for many, including bloggers. Everyone has their own reasons for blogging, but generally everyone joins the blogosphere for the same reasons: marketing, helping people, expressing thoughts/opinions, staying connected with family/friends, make money, staying educated about a topic, a personal platform to be creative, have fun, and connect.

Here are the 10 Reasons Why I blog:
1) I love to write: I enjoy journaling with a cute notebook and pen sometimes, but I wanted an online journal of days with my boys for which to reminisce.

2) Save time: Friends kept asking me for references and brands for certain baby products I was using: food I was feeding; places I was going; niche activities I was finding. And they asked my reasoning behind such. After time spent writing everything down in email after email to friends and even friends of friends, I realized my time would be more efficiently utilized in blog form. After you write a post, then you can just share that post and it can share itself going forward. Now to say blogging saves time might sound cliché because I dedicate significant time to my blog, but having my posts written for sharing has saved a lot of time overall.

3) Support others: This is really big for me!! When I’m able to suggest something that I did and that tip helps another mom, I feel great. Moms need each other’s support and being able to have a platform to do this is quite rewarding. Also, having a safe platform where other moms can guest post their voice is another rewarding way of supporting friends and fellow moms that resonates in my heart. Making a small difference in the community, one mother at a time, one post at a time, is better than making no difference in the world.

4) Influence others: If I’m to be honest, then I have to admit that sometimes I think I have great ideas. I’m a type A person who likes to lead, which means influencing others. Having a blog is a great influencing platform!

5) Becoming Wise as a WiseMommies Blogger: A wise person is not someone who knows everything but a person who can admit that they don’t know everything but has a desire to seek understanding. They want to learn from other people who are more experienced and qualified and through the interaction of readers’ comments, feedbacks, suggestions and communication with other bloggers, as a blogger, I have had the possibility to acquire and retain a deeper level of valuable information. “Wise people are not entitled, but welcome the input of others.” I welcome input.

6) Writing brings peace: When I’m feeling stressed or sad, writing brings me to a calming and contented place. You know those moments when you are taking a shower or driving in the car, and the kids are not screaming, and you hear yourself think? Sometimes, you have the keenest of ideas or wonderful memories that spring up. I keep little notebooks all over the place and jot these ideas down because I love to capture those thoughts and writing them to remember is gratifying.

7) Make money: Whether blogging brings enough money to support my blog as a hobby or it develops into a source of income, making money for your writing is a great reward. A wise person finds ways to make passive income but knows that if money is a driving force for achieving one’s goal, it should not be the end goal. Though blogging is not for the weak-hearted. It takes time and commitment to get your blog going, and even more time and commitment to get your posts read in the world.

8) Share with family and friends: I wanted an easy sharable resource showing some of my boys’ moments growing up with family and friends that live far away and abroad.

9) Have a voice: Just having your own platform where you get to share your voice on your terms and have blogging tribes (core group of followers and supporters) is awesome.

10) I love to write: Yes, I’m repeating this because this is ultimately why I blog. The Soccer mom asked me for my biggest takeaway from a blog conference that we recently attended together: Blog Elevated. This is what I said to her:

“My biggest takeaway from the conference was encouragement to believe in the potential of the WiseMommies’ blog and the importance of writing every day. I was reminded of what Stephan King said about the secret of being a successful writer and that is simply “to write.” The conference also gifted me with some tips on how to find time and organize my life in order to write more.”

I love my journals and this is only a handful from one drawer
I love my journals and this is only a handful from one drawer

I guess I was always destined to be a blogger. As you can see in my picture, I love journals and this is only a handful from one drawer. The only sad thing about my journals, when I read through them sometimes, I wish I had written even more during certain parts of my life.

Words are powerful and writing is empowering. And blogging takes writing to another level.

To tap into one’s creative vein, simultaneously using one’s left and right hemisphere to try and encompass a story that others will understand, while using your own experiences and feelings can be challenging but so rewarding. That is why I blog!


Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting XYZ, or making friends. In the end, it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well.
― Stephen King


Do you blog or have you ever thought about blogging? If you do blog, why did you start and what has kept you going?

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