15 Natural Remedies for Ovarian Cysts

Have you had, or currently have, issues with ovarian cysts? Problems from ovarian cysts can be very serious from infections to experiencing difficulties becoming pregnant to living life in a lot of pain regularly. I’ve posted about this before, but the responses and questions from women dealing with ovarian cysts keep coming up so I felt it important to address again. The following is my personal story dealing with ovarian cysts, what I did to help resolve my pain and get pregnant again. This post contains some affiliate links: All links are the exact brands that I used as natural remedies!

At one point in my life, I was in so much pain that I often felt the breath knocked out of me or just often left short winded. My abdominal area was bloated and immensely swollen on one side. Soon after all this pain I had a miscarriage, which was a great surprise as I didn’t even know I was pregnant. My doctor, at that time,gave me the devastating news that I had some alarming ovarian cysts and that had probably been the cause for my miscarriage.

Next thing I know, my doctor is talking about surgery and maybe not being able to have any more children and other crazy talk that took me by surprise. I was given a window of opportunity, approximately 3-4 weeks or until my next period, to see if the current ovarian cysts would go away or I would need to have surgery. I had one cyst that was nearly the size of a coconut, no wonder I was in so much pain! Not only is surgery a financial strain to many, surgeries themselves pose risks and take recovery time. I personally prefer to try healthy preventative alternatives when possible. However, I also believe that when natural remedies are not working to treat something then surgery or medical intervention is needed. Always let your doctor know of any natural remedies you are doing and take the advice of educated and trained doctors who can better judge your condition in the end. You can always get a second or third opinion, maybe even through a naturopath. My doctor was pretty sure surgery would be needed but was absolutely open to me trying some natural remedies first.

Ovary with a cyst
Ovary with a cyst

Finding Natural Remedies for Ovarian Cysts
To find natural remedies for getting rid of cysts, I spent numerous hours researching and reading. The first 3 pages of Google search were consumed with natural remedies from published books but I had a hard time finding facts or success stories from those who had read these books or from other resources. Knowing that many countries outside the United States are educated more in natural remedies, I started searching through hundreds of international Google domains. Slowly, I pieced together what information I did find and tested via me and my body. I don’t have many resources to link as everything was mostly found through international message boards so my only evidence based facts is through my own personal story.

The following list shows the natural remedies that I supplemented into my diet. All are simple, safe, inexpensive and natural, I even linked the exact brands that I used for each:
15 Natural Remedies for Ovarian Cysts
Vitamin E dosages of 600IU (bedtime)
Vitamin B6 (50mg per day)
Supplemental magnesium (300 mg daily)
Apple Cider Vinegar (1/2 a glass with a shot of molasses) The are so many health benefits of adding Apple Cider Vinegar to one’s diet!!
Red Root
Shepherd’s purse (I didn’t find this so I didn’t try it but it was recommended for cysts) I found this Shepherd’s purse online and plan on adding it into my current regime.
Castor Oil Compresses*
Flax seed; Flax seed Oil** I really love flax seed and use it daily in my diet and the diet for my children. Here is another post I wrote about Flax seed.
Milk Thistle Seed (good for liver health so liver can filter toxins such as excess hormones)

*Castor Oil Compresses
Everynight for 1-3 hours while lying in bed, after my toddler was down, and while reading a book, I would apply warm castor oil compresses. I don’t know how much success it added, if any, to the removal of my cysts, but it seemed to help relieve some of my pain!

Not only are these compresses good to try if you have a cyst but for monthly preventative care of the ovaries, compresses stimulate circulation and healing within ovaries. Castor Oil is great but other essential oils such as lavender, rosemary or chamomile can also be used.

You can buy ready made disposable castor oil compresses, but I made my own. To make your own: Soak a piece of wool (or flannel but wool was what was always suggested) in castor oil. Place it over your abdomen or where cyst/pain is located. You may want to place a piece of plastic on top of that to prevent the oil from staining your clothes. I learned that the hard way. On top of the towel, apply heat via a heating pad or water bottle or you can do a cold compress via bags of ice covered with towels. I personally preferred the heat. Do this daily for at least 1 hour. I’ve read and was told to also relax for 1-2 hours after doing this which is why I always did it at bedtime.
Do NOT do this if you think you might be pregnant or you are trying to conceive!

**Flax Seed
Contains substances such as phytohormones (hormones produced by plants) which help balance estrogen in your body and or help balance the right proportion of estrogen to progesterone in your body. Flax can be added to yogurts, all casseroles, vegetables, fruits, salads, just about anything you are eating.”Can You Say Flax” talks more about the importance of flax seed, and the how and why of adding it to the diet of your children.

This herb has many benefits such as assisting the body in increasing the production of progesterone but has no hormonal effect. A recommended 1,000mg of Maca is recommended daily to help balance progesterone, regulate menstrual cycles, help reduce ovarian cysts and shrinks overgrowth of tissues such as endometrium, fibroids, cysts in breasts and ovaries for women who respond to hormonal stimulation.

Maca also helps with increasing your memory, your mood and your energy levels. It is very similar stimulant like caffeine or Ginseng. Personally, for two weeks I supplemented Maca when I stopped drinking my 2-3 cups of coffee to prevent withdraw.. I actually felt more energized from the Maca then I ever did from the coffee. Do NOT take this if you are trying to conceive or think you might be pregnant!

All the other supplements I took via food recipes that I came up with such as my curry cauliflower and just adding more curry to dishes. With the supplements that I couldn’t implement into cooking via food, I took via capsule form.

My Personal Results and Change made to My Diet that has Never Changed
At the next doctor’s visit, my cysts, even the coconut sized one, had disappeared! The sonographer and doctor were shocked. Actually the sonographer even asked when did I have surgery. Her mouth literally dropped when I told her that I didn’t have surgery but instead used natural remedies. The doctor gave me the go ahead to try and get pregnant again. I stopped all supplements except for the curry and cauliflower in my diet. The next month, I was pregnant. Seven months later, I gave birth to two very healthy twin boys!

I still struggle with ovarian cysts and find myself in a great deal of pain on a regular basis. When I start feeling the bloating and pain, I start supplementing the curry and cauliflower back into my diet, as well as the castor oil compresses and flax seed. I haven’t supplemented in more than that because I am still breastfeeding. I believe the reduction of pain is a direct result from these natural remedies.

Have you, or do you, struggle with ovarian cysts? Have you tried anything to help with them? Let us know if you have had success with any natural remedies or if you try any of these and find that they have helped. I would really love to hear from you! The more success stories we can share, the more women we can help. When I think of the amount of pain ovarian cysts cause me and the change in my quality of health with the help of these natural remedies, it is why I wanted to share this story in hopes that it helps at least one other woman.

Sharing is Caring!

25 thoughts on “15 Natural Remedies for Ovarian Cysts”

  1. I have question do you use all of that at once or did you just try one and than narrowed it down to the ones that worked? I’ve had three surgeries for cysts and now me and my husband are trying for a baby and I’m afraid I’m going to get another cyst. What do you recommend that works the best?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Have you tried again for another baby or had any more cysts? I tried everything that I mentioned all at once! It worked for me and after having twins, I continue to implement several changes such as the curry, cauliflower, and oil on my stomach now and then. Beth

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Have you had another cyst? Pregnant? I tried all at once from my list. After my pregnancy, I continued with several things off the list such as cauliflower, curry, oil/wool heated on my stomach and a few other things just in hopes of a cyst prevention.
      Thanks for the follow and feedback,

    • Hi. I was diagnosed last October 29, 2020 that i have 8 cm ovarian cyst. And recommended to undergo surgery.. i went to another doctor to have 2nd opinion. She said that i have 6cm cyst.. So i don’t know which one is true. she gave me Ibuprofen and she said she will monitor if it will get bigger. I am so afraid and worried because at this point in time, me and my husband is planning to have a baby. Am i still going to get pregnant? Is it ok to use Castor oil and hot compress for me?

  2. Hi thanks for sharing.what kind of cyst do you use to have? definitely its waterfilled.i looking forward to cure dermoid
    Ovarian cyst.do you any suggestions.please guide me

  3. Hello, I have a question. How much apple cider vinegar did you drink daily? How much is 1/2 glass, and was that diluted? That stuff is nasty so I don’t want to do more than I have to! 🙂

    • Omgosh Shalece!! Your question cracked me up. That stuff seriously tastes soooo nasty. I would let out a yell after drinking it. So I literally got a shot glass and just took that 2x a day/morning and night. 1/2 a glass would have killed me, ugh. I just did little shots! Does that answer your question? Good luck!! It’s supposed to help with weight loss and I still take a shot now and then but oh how I hate it! I feel your pain all the way Shalece!! Thanks for following and your feedback, Beth

  4. Hey Beth l have bilateral ovarian enlargement with numerous cysts and multiple uterine fibroids. Been struggling for years now and all the doctors can suggest is removing my womb, at the age of 45 l am still holding on to hope because l have no children yet. If these natural cure really works,l am happy to try them.

    • Hi Sarah, If you are trying to get pregnant, I’d consult with your doctor before using any remedies. All my suggestions are natural remedies and should be safe but I always recommend talking with your doctor to make sure. I was able to get rid of my ovarian cyst and get pregnant right after doing what I wrote about in this post. I wish you all the best!!!!! I really hope you are able to conceive and get rid of your cyst Sarah!

  5. Hi, M 35 yrs old kidney transplant patient. Nd i have ovarian cyst nd its very painful during my periods. What should i do which is safe for me? Plz suggest me.


    • Oh wow, I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering that you have been through. My post is just a suggestion for natural remedies that worked for me and have brought some relief to others. I haven’t had much experience trying out other remedies beyond what is in my post.

  6. How can i get rid of folicale cysts the fastest way naturally possible plz im.trying to have a baby with my husband not to mention i found out my paternal grandmother had ovarian Cancer plz im in desperate need of answers dr refuse to help

  7. Hi I just purchased milk thistle liver detox it has flaxseed 1000mg
    Milk thistle 150
    Dandelion and turmeric as well as beet powder

    It’s all in 1 is that ok?

  8. Hello Beth,

    Thank You for this information! I am anxious to try as I have a cyst on my ovary the size of a navel orange.

    Can you confirm the first item on your list? As although it is listed vitamin E the link is for vitamin D3. Thank you again for sharing.

  9. Hi all,
    I have a large ovarian cyst, probably 15cm! Like a large water balloon. I think it had been there for over 10 years! I’ve never had much pain with it, however I did suffer from IBS a while ago. Anyway, I actually got pregnant even with the cyst, and it was only then I found out I had it through a scan! I even had my baby, even though I was worried it would pop as I got bugger through the pregnancy or the birth! But 3 months after having my baby girl, the wretched cystic still there! I guess it was a miracle that I even got pregnant with it! Anyway, I have started a diet of 2tsp flaxseed daily and diluted acv in the morning, will see if it goes away, fingers crossed! But for those of you trying to concieve, good luck and hopefully you get pregnant soon…. you can get pregnant with a big ass ovarian cyst!!

  10. Thank you for sharing! I have an 8cm complex cyst and the doctor implied on surgery. I really am hopeful this will work, I already feel less pain on my menstrual cycle.

  11. Hi, I’m Chriselda
    Thank you so much for the encouragement and giving hope to us with the natural remedies, I have a 3-3,5 cm ovarian cyst in right side, I have never expect any pain so far and the other thing is when I went for CT scan that’s when they discover some growth in my womb, but the Doctor says is the growth that will come and go, so he said the only way to get rid of everything is to remove my womb which I disagree with him, because I am planning to have a baby and I started with some of the mentioned remedies except flaxseed apple cider vinegar but drinking tumeric and ginger with almond milk, I believe coming the third of November which is my next appointment, my cyst will be gone.
    So I want to find out from you can I exercise at same time to reduce the growth of the cyst?


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