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Easter 2013

From our wisemommies’s homes to yours;  Happy Easter! 1 Corinthians 15:3-8. For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, and that he … Read more

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Easter Fun and Meaning

Easter is just around the corner and now is the time that families are having fun with Easter. See our posts below for Easter fun and ideas such as having a family egg roll, making some yummy mustard eggs, dying eggs with natural homemade dyes, egg crafts, teaching children about the founding of some traditions, … Read more

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Rapes in Lake Highlands: Protect Your Family and You

 Currently, our community is being assaulted by a bold rapist, or 3, uhhh what? click here for news report. Everyone is coming together to support victims and try to be proactive in creating further attacks. We live in a beautiful family oriented community. Therefore, the following is something I feel important to share.

I also want to let everyone know, that in 2003, I was attacked, by a man, a rapist, in a bathroom. I believe, I owe my survival to the instructor of my gun license class, taken just weeks prior to my attack. The instructor taught all the women some basic survival tips, in addition to gun use, as he believed women survived better via other ways vs guns. I used what he taught me, and I believe, to this day, it saved me…..will state what I did in post to follow soon. In the meantime:

Here is an alternative to having a hand gun under or beside your bed. You could even keep a second can in your car. However, just make sure when temps start heating up, you take it out so it doesn’t explode.

The following is food for thought sent via my German mother-in-law via someone else? At first, I thought, what is my German MIL trying to tell this Texan girl about guns, but then I really read the following. Then I thought, that works and works better!! Think about it! Consider it!

I know some of you own GUNS, myself included, but this is something to think about… If you don’t have a gun, or just prefer to think of an alternative to guns, as I do with 3 under 3 in my house, here’s a more humane way to wreck someone’s evil plans for you. Did you know this? I didn’t. I never really thought of it before. I guess I can get rid of the baseball bat.

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Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day

Love picture, left, dads and toddlers at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dallas. One of my favourite holidays is upon us again. I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day. Every year, for St. Patrick’s Day, I reminisce about my days living abroad in Ireland and Scotland, making the move to Ireland with one of my dearest … Read more

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Tandem Breastfeeding Twins

I had a friend ask if I ever tandem breastfeed. For sure, it isn’t easy to tandem breastfeed especially the bigger they get. There are problems such as how to balance two on a pillow, start burping one while the other is still feeding (especially when you have infants that spit up, A LOT) or … Read more

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Educational and Fun Craft

 My son loves to collect „goodies“ from our neighborhood walks. For our walks, we take along a bag, and I let him collect a few treasures to take home. Once home, we usually spread our treasures out on a table and talk about them, or we create a craft with them. Today, we collected leaves … Read more

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Dr. Seuss Birthday Read

We LOVE Dr. Seuss. We are reading several Dr. Seuss books weekly with our toddler and to our twins. In celebration of his birthday, the following are some of our favourite free printables and activities that we incorporate into our family in celebration of Dr. Seuss.


Personally, the more I read of Dr. Seuss the wittier I become with rhyming for everyday fun with my son. For example, off the top of my head, yesterday I started singing, “hurry hurry we must hurry, have an appointment we’ve got to scurry. Scurry scurry, can you scurry? Can you hurry? Show mama how we can scurry hurry.” My toddler was rushing around, quickly putting on his tennis shoes, and helping me carry items to the car while laughing all the way.  


Or when my toddler thinks it is funny to start jumping on the sofa, I might start saying: “hey bofa on the sofa I do not like for you to hop you must not hop on pop, you must not hop on the sofa bofa, I do not like that, I do not like that a lot”….ideas taken from Dr. Seuss books such as wocket in my pocket and hop on pop


The Hop on Pop book is to this day my favourite book to read. I started reading it to my son at the age of 2 months. When we travelled to Germany, at 5 months, he would sit still the longest when reading that book. At 2 years of age, he was reading and quoting from the book as well.


Here are some free printables to go along with the Hop on Pop book. Good for all ages!

Pup in Cup Worksheet for preposition practice and rhyming words

“op” word family manipulatives, coloring pages, worksheets

Here is a hop on pop coloring page. I can’t wait to surprise my son with this project. This is his favorite page from the Hop on Pop book.

Preposition practice for “in” and “on” by looking at pictures and reading the sentences.  

We are all Tall Worksheet



Foot Book…Feet, Feet, Feet! „In the house, and on the street, how many, many, feet you meet.“ To go along with Dr. Seuss’ Foot Book or How Big is a Foot;

Fun Activity Ideas

    1. Count all the shoes in the house
    2. Graph all the shoes according to characteristics 
    3. Trace and make patterns with your child’s shoes


1) A fun worksheet for matching opposites.

2) Printable feet template patterns that can be used for all kinds of feet activities


Green Eggs and Ham Book:

Fun Activity Ideas

  1. Serve your children green eggs and ham
  2. Dye some hardboiled eggs green
  3. List all foods which are green
  4. List favorite green foods


Green Eggs Math Mats for Counting, Addition, Subtraction


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