23 Reasons Why Having Twins is Double the Greatness

From my extreme shock of finding out I was pregnant with twins, them coming too soon, to toddler-hood, it’s been an adventure, to say the least. This post was originally published a few years ago for Twinzone Tuesday! Here is my list of 23 reasons why having twins is double the greatness!

23 Reasons Why Having Twins is Awesome

1) Twins are an adventure

2) Two babies to watch sleep

3) Planning and preparing for just one birthday party

4) Twins are freaking cute….they just are!

5) It takes the challenges of parenting to a whole other level

6) So many other families want twins, or would give anything for just one child and you got blessed with two. That should make anyone feel overwhelmingly humbled and blessed.

7) I’m challenged on a daily basis for a whole new level of creative thinking and survival of the smartest: you have no idea what you are capable of until you have two toddlers who constantly run in opposite directions in public.

8) Twins add a unique dynamic to the family

9) Instant fame and lots of attention: this may not always be the attention that you want, but overall the extra excitement and ewwwing and ahhhhing in public over your twins is sweet

10) More discounts: Ok, you have to pay double for camps, food, and well, everything, but you get instant sibling discounts and can sometimes work in extra twin discounts.

11) Seeing the gleam of happiness and connection in adult twins’ eyes when they see your twins and say, “I’m also a twin.” Something nobody but twins understand.

12) Yes, twins are alike but also uniquely different in so many ways and watching that unfold is unexplainable joy

Double Reasons Why Having Twins is Awesome

13) Double cuteness

You ARE sometimes a Rock Star!! Only moms of multiples will get this! Rock on!

14) Double laughs

15) Double wonder

16) Double hugs

17) Double kisses

18) They have their best friend start school with them

19) Learning teamwork skills at an early age and faster (i.e. when one is searching for their particular stuffed animal, the other twin is quick in understanding and join in on the search for the animal.)

20) Learning social skills and patience at a younger age. Since the moment they wore born they had to compromise, sharing the attention and time evenly with another.

21) People think you are a rock star!

22) You get instant access to this exclusive, and exhausting, elite club: Twin moms just get each other, support each other, and speak an unspoken language of understanding that other moms will just never understand. 

Disclaimer: I realize this is true with every group, right? Working moms get working moms. Moms with premature babies get moms with premature babies. Parents with kids on the spectrum or kids diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, Trisomy 21, get other moms struggling with these as well, and the unique challenges and joys within.

23) Emotional support from other twin moms is amazing: had to mention this twice!

Can YOU add something to this list:

23 Reasons Why Having Twins is Awesome?

Originally posted on TwinZone Tuesdays. Are you a mom of multiples? Are you in the TwinZone? We would love to connect and hear from you!

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  1. Twins are double worries, but also double happiness. I don’t know how else to describe it. They have each other and I have them both, and I can’t imagine myself happier.


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