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How would you like “Your Health Care Under Your Conditions?” How would you like a doctor, a 24/7 urgent care, to come to your home, at a reasonable cost the next time you are sick? Who wouldn’t? Don’t rush off to another somewhat depersonalized primacare, urgent care, ER, until you read this!

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UrgentCare2go, UC2go, Dallas:
Dr. Nilesh Nangrani D.O. is Founder & CEO of UrgentCare2go. This is such a great service and surprise find! A healthcare GEM! I admit I was a bit skeptical but was definitely reassured after we used them. I mean who wouldn’t love to stay at home and have the doctor come to you!! And what an opportunity to create a family house call doctor that knows you and your family.

Coming Full Circle in Doctoring: Returning to Caring In-Home Urgent Medicine:
We are so used to the modern model of medicine, and, frankly, the somewhat depersonalized changes ubiquitous in urgent care assessment, that it retrospectively seems nature that the pendulum would finally swing BACK to the way medicine was traditionally practiced in America, in your home, from a doctor who will spend time caring for you.

My Personal Testimony:
Several weeks ago, a severe strain of strep throat coursed through my home. The last place I wanted to go was to a place where other sick visitors were sitting. Why put yourself at risk; why put them at risk? Anyway, it was a Saturday and most urgent care facilities were closing or closed already.

We made an appointment with UrgentCare2Go. They gave us an exact time of arrival, and texted us right before pulling up to our home. They can come to your home 24/7. Seriously, any day and anytime of the day. If it’s 1am, and I think my child has an ear infection or strep throat, you can bet I’m calling UC2go instead of running to the ER or some other urgent care facility.
Home sick with kids and don’t want to haul everyone to the doctor appointment? UC2go!!

A home visit from a doctor 24/7, that’s heavenly-convenient ,especially when you are feeling under the weather. So I made our family appointment with UrgentCare2Go and went back to bed to catch a little more rest.

Maggie, who is Chief Medical Assistant for UC2go, at our home doing her examination. Dr. Nangrani with us, watching and asking questions via online remote access.

You can see in my pictures Maggie, who is Chief Medical Assistant for UC2go, at our home. She was just amazing!! Once she finished her examination, she sent Dr. Nangrani all her information. He then talked to us and asked more questions via online remote access. The service was so efficient. We received an antibiotic shot and the rest of the antibiotics and medicines prescribed were called into our local pharmacy.
“Your Health Care Under Your Conditions”

Since UrgentCare2Go comes to your home, they can keep their costs low. They don’t have overhead charges of a facility, and they aren’t charging as much as the law allows which is what happens at most ER facilities. Don’t have insurance, have insurance; either way, UrgentCare2Go is affordable and very transparent with their prices–nothing hidden which was quite a surprise to me given my experience with my various insurance carriers over time.

All their prices are listed on their website. They can do this because they do not accept insurance. Even though I have insurance, my copay at any urgent care facility is $75 with tests and treatment going to my deductible which means I pay more with insurance than if I have UrgentCare2go come to my home to treat my illness.

We often have family visiting from Germany and when they get sick or just want an ear check before flying back to Germany, they have to pay out of pocket $300-$500 at an Urgent Care facility for such treatment. To pay $275 for a simple ear check on a healthy adult is ridiculous!! Well no more because now we have UC2go that will come to our home and treat my out-of-town-guests at an affordable price.

24/7 Dispatch Service which includes medical assistant visit, physician consult and e-prescription:
Dispatch fee $79 (24/7) + testing/treatment (NO additional after hours fee/price)
All labs are $29.99

Sick Family:
Additional family members can be added for a reduced dispatch fee of $49

Nilesh Nangrani D.O., Founder & CEO of UrgentCare2go

Dr. Nangrani:
A little more information about Dr. Nangrani, Founder & CEO of UrgentCare2go. As an ER physician, Dr. Nangrani wanted to improve emergency healthcare. “I see so many parents waiting in my ER waiting room at 2 am for a simple ear infection. I wanted to eliminate that by providing service round the clock.”

When Dr. Nangrani started this company, he had three main goals in mind, “provide Quality, Affordable, & Convenient care to my patients and hope to continue to grow with those core values in mind.” Dr. Nangrani has created a service “merged old fashioned house calls to modern day Telemedicine technology. Where physician is not going house to house but using Telemedicine technology to perform the same physical exam they would if they were to go to patient’s house. This way board certified physicians are able to see more patients / hour and keep the cost low for consumers.”

This is Maggie. We loved her! 24/7 Urgent Care Comes to YOUR Home: “Your Health Care Under Your Conditions” (WiseMommies)

After Hours Prescriptions:
If UC2go visits after hours, say 2am, but you don’t want to go to the pharmacy at that time for the antibiotic. UC2go gives you the option to have the first dose of antibiotic at your home.

Age Range UC2go services:
Ages 5yrs old – 75 yrs old

UrgentCare2go is honestly my family’s new “Your Health Care Under Your Condition” (WiseMommies) health care doctor for urgent care.This is a sponsored post and a personal testimony.

Remember to use the discount code WiseMommies for $10 off your dispatch fee whether after hours or you are a returning registered user.
UrgentCare2go.comYour Health Care Under Your Conditions?”

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  1. I had Maggie come to my jhome also as a murse I was very impressed with her knowledge and expertise! They are timely and the doctor knew exactly what amd how to care for my. Eye infection! It was so nice to have them come to my home I will use them again!!! N

    • Thank you Carole for your feedback. I’m glad they were able to help you and yes it is incredibly nice having them come to one’s home!! Beth

  2. I really hate you guys left the Houston area. I hope you will return sooner rather than later!!! Thanks for all you did while you were here. The service I received was excellent!!! 😘💖😘💕


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