5 Rules of Discipline

Stand firm

Don´t we all hate conflict? However, if you don´t stick to the rules and consequences that you have set up, your kids aren´t likely to either.


Pick your battles

Give the small situations, small attention, and the bigger situations, big attention. You will be happier and calmer. Your child will be happier, calmer and better behaved.



Try to practice good feeling discipline. Give positive attention, praise rather than words which are negative and punishing. Try to focus on the behaviour that you want to see from your child. The words you are using, should discipline your child while also making your child feel treasured through positive instruction.


Set clear rules and expectations

Some carefully selected rules can make a family´s life a lot smoother and easier. For example “no crackers” before dinner prevents regular arguments about snacking before dinner.


Provide unconditional love

Yes, this is the simplest of them all, but children need to know you love them, every day, even when they have done something bad.

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