7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Fall is in full swing! Whether you love fall or just want to get in the festive mood, why not bring some of the best parts of the season indoors? You can fill your home with the smell of cinnamon apples, clove and citrus or pumpkin spice.
To help ProFlowers created a guide with 7 different ways to make your home smell like fall. They also included an approximate duration of aroma so you can decide if you want it to last for your Halloween party or all season long.

7 Different Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall:
First, decide how long you would like the aroma to last. The below chart is arranged by duration. Some ideas will last about as long as your Halloween party and others can make it through the entire season. Second, decide whether you are willing to purchase supplies and invest a little time or whether you prefer to turn on a diffuser. Either way there is an idea for you!

Now that your home is smelling fantastic, invite all of your friends and family over to enjoy the lovely aroma, enjoy some Pumpkin Spice Latte Muffins, and maybe put some teal pumpkins out in support of the teal pumpkin project for kids and food allergies.
Thank you Taylor Poppmeier(from proflowers) for this guest post.

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