A successful week for this stay at home mom

 I love having a successful week. By that, I mean a week just where I can accomplish more than laundry, cooking, and playing at the house with my sons. Last week, I managed to do MoMe Yoga again (with all 3 kids), Baby bounce with the twins (singing and reading activity at a local library), visited with a friend who stopped by, and made teacher appreciation gifts while also getting my son dressed in his lederhosen (picture day at school) and off to school on time, actually EARLY, in the rain, with twins in tote, and delivered the gifts to the teachers. Did I mention my husband was out of town? I LOVE successful weeks…

The picture below shows the teacher appreciation gifts that we made. Pots filled with seeds and gift cards. I also added garden gnomes, for my son’s German teachers, lol, and gummy worms. My son decorated the pots with his handprints, painted, and for pot stuffing I used bath sponges. Pots were delivered via a brown box, see picture top left, with the words, “Teachers plant the seeds of Learning” painted.

Click here for the step by step “how to” directions and post to make your own thankful garden to give to someone specials. In addition to giving this to my son’s teachers, we’ve made a thankful pot for a friend, grandparent and neighbor.

teacher gifts 2013 cropped copy

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4 thoughts on “A successful week for this stay at home mom”

  1. You are a supermom! That is such a great idea. I am stealing that and claiming it as my own! That is one precious young man next his project, too!

    • Well I sure felt like supermom this week, but that’s just it, it was more like a super week than me being supermom…the following week, I was so tired and didn’t accomplish much beyond playing with my children. Thanks for the compliment of my son. That’s sweet of you. Totally steal the idea and claim as your own…I’m happy you found it here at wisemommies!!! Let us know how they turn out or even send pics and we will post them!! 😆


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