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When I was called to be fruitful and multiply I didn’t realize the intention was for it to be in a deluge of boys. Our first son was named out of my German/Bavarian husband’s family repertoire; I thought I would have some time to gradually “pace” the next child(ren). Then along came two more boys… at the same time– My husband was feeling quite proud of himself. Love, after love, after love. I have been fortunate to marry my best friend, having an amazing, unique marriage, full of support and day-to-day compromises that define a mature love and suddenly-bloomed motherhood.

“I found the one my heart loves.” Song of Solomon 3:4

Although forever a Texan, I have enjoyed traveling extensively & have lived abroad, maintaining relationships with friends, now moms, in numerous spots around the globe; I believe that has blessed me with a broadened view of parenting and how one local outlook may not provide as much fullness of perspective. I have been continually edified by taking that larger, diverse view and hope that it is also helpful to readers when I insert those elements.

What is a wisemommy; who am I to say I’m wise? I’m wise enough to be humble in regards to the unguided and challenging human condition called motherhood, learn from my successes as much as I learn from my mistakes, and share them with other moms so that we can help each other.

Guest Bloggers

Dr. Kirk picture.jpg editedOur Supporting Doctor: Dr. Kirk is a doctor of medicine, with 17 years of education and clinical experience in medicine. He subspecializes in Neurology and is supporting several of our articles such as the brain stimulation and food posts. If you have any questions specifically for him regarding our posts, please feel free to contact Dr. Kirk directly at an independent blog he created for his patients. He recently found out that he is expecting TWINS!! We are excited to see what he will be adding to our TwinZone Tuesday Posts!


Eryn Hi, I’m Eryn. Beth and I became friends a lifetime ago on a tour of the Scottish Highlands, long before husbands and children came along and changed the way we travel. I’m a 38 year old Canadian mother of two boys living in London, England. I was a primary school teacher but became a stay at home mom when my eldest son, CC was born.


AnnaAnna – At the young age of 7, my family moved from Poland to Germany. I had many struggles as a foreigner in a new country such as not knowing the language and assimilating to the new culture overall. My experiences have left my heart full of empathy and understanding for adults, and especially children, growing up in a foreign country, adapting a new culture, and learning several languages simultaneously. It wasn’t always easy growing up bilingual, but I’m extremely grateful to my parents for being consistent with teaching me my native language while learning German, and even English, in the schools. After marrying my German husband, love of my life, he took a job which transported us from our home in Germany to Texas and currently back in Germany.

Nicole – I grew up in Central Texas, raised by my mom and supported by my dad as much as he could from across the world. I attended college, lived in a variety of places and then returned to Texas where I met my husband. I married my husband in 2004 after the most amazing engagement complete with a surprise party of 40 friends and family. We had two weddings, in two countries, that included all our family and friends in the festivities.
We wanted children from the beginning and our first ‘children’ were Sasha and Treva, West Highland White Terriers. After some hard times (including multiple miscarriages) we decided to foster/adopt. We fostered two brothers, ages 4 & 5, for six months and prepared them for their forever family. A month later, with one very surprising phone call, we found out we were going to become a forever family to a newborn and brought him home from the hospital.
One more miscarriage and then a surprising twist of a “high risk” pregnancy turned completely normal and we now have a daughter who adores her big brother.  Most of all we try to support other parents in the journey of parenthood because it is a crazy, hard time.


Oriana was born and raised in Venezuela. She came to the United States twelve years ago looking for better opportunities. However, She never imagined her life to be what it is today in the US. Mother of Liam, 22 months and married to her better half, Jorge, since 2007.
She is a dreamer who is in constant search of ways to be a better mom, better wife and a better human being overall. Her hobbies include dancing, writing and cooking.


Twin Bio PicPam & Terri are two amazing women and Identical twins. They are the Founders of Housewives of Frederick County. Both are married and mothers, bloggers, writers, and have been on the Discovery Channel in an episode of Evil Twins. Check out their fun blog to learn more about them or if you are interested in discovering Frederick County, Maryland. They are writing posts for WiseMommies to help parents of multiples get into the mind of identical twins for a different perspective of being twins.

emma_lawson for bio
A mom to two boys and a teacher. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. To read more from Emma




NatashaNatasha has a Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology and has 4 exuberant, beautiful children, and a husband Nick who serves as Ricky to her Lucy. She grew up in Louisiana and Texas, met her husband in Oklahoma, and they’ve raised their brood in Texas, England and now in the Seattle area. Currently, she exclusively serves as Chief Operating Officer of the Lowery Company, “Growers of fine children.” She’s got a dutiful horse, a self-absorbed cat, and 4 hygiene-ambivalent chickens.



emily bio pic

Emily is a “Type B” mama, parenting three little boys three years and younger with the help of a little coffee and a lot of Jesus. She has the best humor and outlook on life, enjoys trying new things and can’t get enough kisses from her sons and husband.




Maggie HeadHi, I’m Maggie. My husband’s job has moved us around the the world but this most recent move to Texas has landed us in a welcoming and unique “village” of friends and mommies where I’m fortunate to stay at home with my two little people, a 2 ½ year old daughter and a 7-month old son. I’m an engineer by education, a Wyoming native, a lover of (even if I haven’t made enough time for…) crafts, cooking, yoga, reading, walking and travel.


JoJolea is a teacher turned mommy to three blessings. She is often seen shuttling the minivan as she navigates the kiddos to and from school and ballet, soccer, golf. She recently began a love affair with her camera and has made it a mission to get as many snaps of her little’s as they will allow. Her goal is to raise children who feel loved and blessed and are called to make others feel just the same!


Seana Profile picSeana Scott is a full-time wife and mom of two rambunctious boys. When she is not trying to keep her boys fed or running after them, you can find her getting creative in any possible way, having a cup of tea with a friend, or blogging. She loves Jesus and is passionate about helping others know him better and find their place in His story. Her family is on a healing journey with her son who has immunity issues, so she is also passionate about real food, natural living, and essential oils. For more about Seana, visit SeanaSScott.com



Amy is an outdoor and animal enthusiast who is the mother to several four-legged fur babies. In 2009 she founded a dog fitness service called Amy’s Joggin’ Dog’s in Dallas, TX, and in 2012 she founded Game Time Dog Services in Austin, TX. You will often find her hiking with hounds on the trails of Austin, tending her garden, cooking a meal for her husband, in barre class, or having a glass of wine with friends.


Tricia headshotTricia is the most hospitable Texan you will ever meet. She is a ray of sunshine for anyone. Previously she planned weddings and events and now she plans play dates and church events. She lives in North Dallas with her high school sweetheart and three children. She loves healthy living and is loves working out.


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