WiseMommies would love to become an ambassador of your brand. We have a strong site following, encompassing regular readers and attracting new readers daily. WiseMommies combines the perspective of three moms with diverse experiences, unique life perspectives, and we are physician-sponsored, providing an excellent customized conduit for building brand awareness, or for directly bringing potential customers through site-acknowledgement of your brand.

We write thoughtful blog posts, and seek to foster a discerning, two-way conversation on a multitude of topics and can market your message this way as well, not just through direct reference within blog entries. Through various social media platforms, direct blog discussion with our audience, product reviews, image ads, event sponsorship, branded sweepstakes & giveaways, consumer research, among other possibilities, this would bring you a 360 degree opportunity to engage our audience.

Advertise wisely; harness the WiseMommies by contacting us below:

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