Animals Used to Predict Game Outcomes Worldwide

Want to predict the outcome of a big game, tournament, world cup event? Simply ask your pet and test their skills at being a worthy oracle. Over the years, as I’ve become more attuned to my husband’s love and following of the World Cup, I’ve noticed a trend of animals being used to predict the outcome of big sporting events all around the world. Additionally, I thought to use my boys for predicting, see full results at the end of the post.

Tomorrow, Patriots play the Seahawks for the Super Bowl Game 2015 and Dallas’s very own Sid, a Penguin, from the Dallas Zoo has made a prediction. To see the video of Sid predicting the winner, click here. There are other animals around the US who have made some predictions for the Super Bowl Game; Salty the crocodile from the Fort Worth Zoo, Rudy the rooster in Iowa, and Lily the panda in Mephis. To see their predictions, click here.

According to BBC Newsbeat, Psychic animals are popular and gaining in popularity worldwide: Brazil: Turtle named Big Head; Australia: Kangaroo named Flopsy but renamed Predictaroo; Netherlands: Guinea Pig who went by Sikko; Germany: Octopus known as Paul; Dubai: Camels Waslawi and Shaheen; Bangkok: Sea Lion called Tick; Singapore: Two Dragonfish known as Big Huat and Small Huat; Ukraine: Pig named Khryak; Krakow: Elephant who went by Citta.
Some animals have gained quite the social following while others such as Sikko haven’t gained a huge number of followers with just 270 followers on Twitter currently. And some of the animals have already passed away. Could the pressure of predicting game outcomes be too much for these animals? Seriously though, some of the animals have truly been accurate in their predictions. Paul the octopus has probably gained the most popularity worldwide after consistently predicting wins for the 2010 World Cup, local football matches, 2008 Euro matches and more. Unfortunately, Paul passed away shortly after the 2010 World Cup at the aquarium in Germany.

Who do YOU think will win the Super Bowl Game 2015?
Seattle Seahawks
4 Vote
New England Patriots
5 Vote

All three of my boys took chocolate from the Seahawks bowl
All three of my boys took chocolate from the Seahawks bowl
My husband chose the Patriots
My husband chose the Patriots

My own experiment in using my boys, all four of them, to see if any of them would be worthy oracles in predicting games. I put their favorite piece of chocolate in two different bowls, one bowl for seahawks and one bowl for patriots. Then one at a time, without telling them what I was doing, I had them come into the hallway and take a piece of chocolate from just one of the bowls. View pictures for the end results!

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