Being a parent is like being a rock star

 This is just too funny and so true! Especially the part about groupies following you to the bathroom.

Several months ago, my toddler was in a panic because he couldn’t find papa, in the house, a Saturday where papa was on play duty. When I found papa in the bathroom, I told him that he should have told our toddler where he was going that you can’t just leave a young toddler in the kitchen unsupervised, or not tell them that you are leaving/coming back. Papa exclaims that he just wanted time to himself to use the loo (sounds better than toilet). Had to explain how this is not a luxury when at home with kids…he would have to wait to have such luxuries when he went back to work. lol!! Funny to observe him having an experience of, in the shoes of my wife as a SAHM!


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