Best Hot Spot to Stargaze in Dallas

Want to observe an amazing night sky for stargazing? Don’t just drive out of your urban city thinking you’ll look up and see an amazingly clear sky with stars. Unfortunately, light pollution is making it harder to find a dark place. To observe the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and an evening stargazing, our family went to the Best Hot Spot to Stargaze in Dallas.

We really wanted to look up into the sky and see this historical celestial awesomeness devoid of light pollution. Living in the heart of Dallas, Texas, especially during Christmas time, with all the holiday lights, we were doubtful as to how much we really would be able to observe.

Best Hot Spot to Stargaze in Dallas

Presently, there are 22 dark sky communities worldwide and 5 of those communities are in Texas. There are also 70 dark sky parks around the world and 10 dark sky sanctuaries.

We went to one of those dark sky communities in Texas for our planet and stargazing evening. Lakewood Village is the Best Hot Spot to Stargaze in Dallas.

It was mindblowing to be in the middle of nowhere but also just a stone’s throw away from Dallas.

To find the perfect pristine dark unpolluted sky, it’s important to find a dark sky location. In the past, we’ve gone to Astronomy Centers and Star Parties but because of Covid, we wanted a remote family only Dark Sky viewing location.

The best was when we walked out to the area of viewing and my oldest son looked up and around and said, “Oh my goodness, this is amazing, just perfect, really great, I love this.”

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn:

December 21st, 2020 was the day of The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Worldwide, except for Antarctica, the world was able to view this magical alignment of planets.

Such a Fun Family Outing

We set up our telescope and my boys had their binoculars.

We viewed the planets, a few moons of Jupiter, our own moon, and many constellations.

It was such a fun family outing and hands-on educational experience.

The weather was perfect and we watched the sun set over the lake while having a small picnic.

How Dark Sky Locations Get Desinated:

It was mindblowing to be in the middle of nowhere but also just a stone’s throw away from Dallas.

Did you know that worldwide, there are Dark Sky Locations? A Bortle Scale rates different parks, lakes, cities, and suburbs and gives a Bortle Rating. This rating shows when and where celestial objects can best be observed.

The Bortle Dark-Sky Scaleis a 9-level numeric scale measuring the night sky’s and stars’ brightness of a particular location.” This is also judged with regards to viewing with the naked-eye vs stellar magnitude.

Discover Dark Skies Near You:

If you would like to discover Dark Skies close to you and learn more about Dark Sky Locations, click here. You can also view worldwide pollution maps to see how places rate on the Bortle Scale.  

If you live in Texas and want to see the Bortle Ratings for Texas State Parks, click here.

Best Hot Spot to Stargaze in Dallas

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2 thoughts on “Best Hot Spot to Stargaze in Dallas”

  1. Great article. I was going to try to bring my family out to Lakewood Village this weekend to try and see the meteor shower. Do you have any suggestions of where in Lakewood Village to go to? Do we just drive to the town and look for somewhere or is there like a good spot to go to? Thanks!

    • Hi Paul,
      Sorry I missed this. Did you go to Lakewood Village or another location to try and see the meteor shower? If you didn’t go to Lakewood Village, I’ll try and answer your question now for future reference. Great question, and I should have addressed this better in my post. I’ve made a note to go back and add this to my post crediting you! I really appreciate my readers helping me to better my posts. Thank you!!
      We entered off Lakecrest Drive off of W Eldorado Pkwy. On Lakecrest Drive you’ll see a bricked town sign that says Lakewood Village right before the street Highridge Drive. When we have gone to stargaze in this spot, there are always a few others with telescopes right at this entrance. There are places to park on the side, no homes built up yet. There is usually an astronomer who will show up to help identify and educate others at this entry to Lakewood Village spot. We’ve stopped and stargazed at that spot, and….

      We’ve also just driven on to an area where we could get to the beach next to the lake. I look at google maps to see where a house hasn’t been built, still public access, and lakeside. Then we just try driving and getting to that area.
      The location that we went to for this post was at the end of Shorline Drive. Before getting to the property at the very end of Shorline Drive (even before that driveway), we parked and walked through the little forestry area to the beach next to the lake. It was extremely dark and there is a little cliff/drop off so flashlights are a must!!
      Thanks for reading and the feedback Paul!


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