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Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose, Tx is an interesting, unusual, and entertaining but wait a minute. My expectations vs reality is the reason I’m writing this detailed post. When you travel with kids, it’s nice to be as prepared as possible. So here is What You Should Know About Big Rocks Park, Glen Rose, TX.

Giant-Sized Pebble Rocks

We loved these giant-sized pebble rocks. It was fun to run around, climb, and get lost amongst these rocks.

These rocks reminded me of some of the “playgrounds” that were designed to look like “naturally formed playgrounds” that we discovered when traveling Germany and the Czech Republic.

When we arrived, besides one other family, we had the rocks to ourselves. Great place for kids and adults to let out some energy. Most of the rocks are truly giant-sized so younger kids maybe 4 and under would be limited in climbing or safely being on top of the rocks. Walking around the maze created by the rocks can be enjoyable by all.

It can get overly crowded depending on the time of year and day that you go. We went in June 2020 closer to 6 PM. I’m glad we were there in the evening since there wasn’t any shade over the rocks or the pool of water.

The water was warm, the sun was setting, and many people had cleared out!

Pool of Water

There is a dam that has created a pool of water. The water exits the dam through large holes near the top of the dam. Depending on how much water is going through, you can sit and ride on the water flowing out of these holes and down the dam into the pool of water. The pool of water isn’t very deep so no jumping, diving, and be ready for possibly having a bumpy ride. My boys loved it! You can walk, run, or bike across the top of the dam.

Size of the Park

Overall the park was smaller than what I had imagined but there are still places to explore down the river from the park. If you walk across the dam to the other side of the river, there is a nice trail that leads over to the Paluxy Heritage Park.

On the other side of the dam, there is a little sandy area, lots of trees and people had hammocks tied up; there were ropes to swing out into the river using, and an area to fish as well.

How were These Rocks Formed?

These big rocks are sedimentary rocks formed by an accumulation of sediment that occurred over hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years. Over time, through mechanical means such as wind and water abrasion, clastic sediments are created. These sediments get buried and more sediments settle on top of the buried settlements becoming compacted and hardened. Through this process known as lithification, rocks are slowly formed. Click here to read about rock formations at America’s Second largest Canyon.

This makes for a great geology lesson for your kids!

Location, Hours, Cost and Parking

Big Rocks Park

Location: 1014 NE Barnard St, Glen Rose, TX 76043.

Hours Open: M-F 8AM- 10PM, Sat-Sunday 8:15AM – 10PM.

Big Rocks Park is FREE!!!

Parking: There is a small gravel parking lot that will be full if crowded. There is additional parking along Barnard Street on the same side as the Big Rocks Park but on the other side of the dam.

When to Go

Any time of the year. If it’s too cold to swim, the rocks still make for a fantastic stop. If it’s warm or hot and the river is up, swimming, wading in the river, or just sitting on the side with your feet in the water is nice.

We easily spent over an hour on the rocks.

What to Bring

No shade so bring umbrellas, wear swimsuits, lots of sunscreen, and hats. The bottom of the wade pool and river have rocks that can be sharp and slippery. Wear water shoes. Bring water!! It’s also a nice place to have a picnic. You can walk across the river from where the gigantic pebble rocks are located and enjoy wading in the river or walking along the side of the river. There are many trees that offer shade along the river walk. That is where we had a picnic.  


The restrooms at the park are only open during the summer, but Oakdale Park across the street has public restrooms.

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