Bluebonnets and Alamo Fire, Texas

Bluebonnets and Alamo Fire, Texas. A road trip to the Viking Ghost Town of Norse, Texas taught me something new about ‘Bluebonnets.’ I learned that the ‘Bluebonnet’ has super vivid color variations like ‘Alamo Fire’. What??

Every year, I see posts about where to find Bluebonnet fields, but I’ve never read about Bluebonnets around Norse, Texas, Bosque County. Additionally, I’ve traveled all around Texas during the Bluebonnet season for many years. I know some great spots, but still I had never heard of this area for Bluebonnets. Imagine my surprise when I discovered huge breathtaking Blue Carpet Spreads as well as the mixture of red Indian Paintbrush flowers and Alamo Fire.

What about Bluebonnet Variations?

Bluebonnets, while usually blue, can also bloom red, white, pink or maroon. Instead of being named bluebonnets, these colored variations are called Texas Maroon or Alamo Fire. Truth be told, this trip was the first that I learned of these variations. And, it was along this trail that I actually found some dynamic Bluebonnet Variations. I’d love to find even more fields like this in Texas. If you’ve found such fields, with the red, white, pink, and maroon variations, I’d love to know where.

Bluebonnets with Alamo Fire. Just one of many pictures my son took with his camera as we were driving down FM Road 4145. Even through the dirty window reflection, the colors and fields of the Bluebonnets and Alamo Fire are amazing.

Indian Paintbrushes and Bluebonnets, Texas

Bluebonnets with Indian Paintbrushes, Norse, Texas, Bosque County.

Bluebonnets, Alamo Fire, and Indian Paintbrush Fields

From Clifton we drove towards Cranfills Gap. We stopped first to see The Rock Church. After The Rock Church, we drove FM Road 4145 to FM Road 182 down to The Grove, Texas. It’s along this route that I discovered these huge fields of Alamo Fire with Bluebonnets and other roadside Blue Carpet Spreads.

This was taken roadside on FM Road 4145

Locals Share Sweet Bluebonnet Spots

At a few of my stops, I asked locals about Bluebonnets and wildflowers blooming. The locals suggested Hwy 6 between Meridian and Clifton. At that time, I didn’t get to check that area out, but it’s on my bluebonnet quest list.

Bluebonnets and Alamo Fire, Texas

Have you found some places with Alamo Fire or other Bluebonnet variations?

Old Red Barns and Bluebonnets.

This picture was taken: FM 1291 between Fayettelville and Frelsburg close to the Pivos Ice House.

Spring in Texas; dirt roads, longhorns in bluebonnets, old barns, Texas flags, rustic windmills, abandoned trucks, and bluebonnets. The quest for finding the best bluebonnets in Texas is an annual pilgrimage that only Texans can understand.

Longhorns and Bluebonnets.

Another Bluebonnet Road Trip idea; The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival is taking place this weekend, April 14-16th, 2023.

Of course, seeing an Old Rustic Windmill and a TX Flag is a also a must see on any Bluebonnet Trail.

This picture was also taken via my oldest son while I was driving, Clifton to The Grove, Texas.

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