Bluebonnets in April 2023, Ennis, Texas

Bluebonnets in April 2023, Ennis, Texas. You can explore the “Official Bluebonnet City of Texas” just 40 minutes south of Dallas. I’ve driven the Bluebonnet Trail many times, and I’ve attended the Bluebonnet Festival. The quest for finding the best bluebonnets in Texas is an annual pilgrimage that only Texans can understand.

The Bluebonnets in Ennis, Texas

The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails are active April 1-30, 2023

If you want to check on up to date bluebonnet conditions and happenings around Ennis, Texas, call this number 972-878-4748 or check out this website for trail map, status update, and festival information.

Visit Ennis is another website that will have some information about the Bluebonnet Trails and Festival.

The Oldest Bluebonnet Trail in Texas

The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails are the oldest Bluebonnet Trails in Texas. This year, 2023, the bluebonnets are predicted to be at peak until the 18th of this month, and the carpets of blue should be picture perfect showing until the end of April 2023. Bluebonnets typically peak around the 3rd week of April.

Dirt roads, old barns, abandoned trucks, and bluebonnets. Yes, please! I love getting lost and driving “off the map” dirt roads. If you don’t know where that road goes, take it! Get lost and discover the hidden overlooked gems of a place. Or if you are in Texas, maybe you’ll get really lucky and get lost in a carpet of blue.

When I went to Ennis for Bluebonnets, I followed the Ennis Y’all app (iPhone) on my Android for interactive trail maps, status updates, bluebonnet sightings, dining, and events.

I also followed the Bluebonnet Trail official website for trail map, status update, and festival information.

The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival is April 14-16th, 2023

The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival is only taking place this weekend. Even if you don’t go to the festival, you can still enjoy the amazing fields and roadside blooms of bluebonnets for several more weeks.

Trail Maps and directions will be available at the Ennis Welcome Center located at 201 NW Main Street.

A driving trail map can also be downloaded off the Bluebonnet Trail Website.

Social Media Information for Ennis Bluebonnets:

Facebook: Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival, Visit Ennis, Texas, and Downtown Ennis Tx. Tag photos #EnnisBluebonnets23

Instagram & Twitter: @visitennistexas & @EnnisBluebonnet

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