Boston’s Restaurant: Our Review and Giving Back to the Community

Is the thought of children here in America growing up hungry hard to swallow? Well 1 in 5 struggles with hunger, so according to Debbie Shore, that is more than 16 million kids in America going hungry. Would you buy and eat a delicious pizza from a restaurant that donates money to a foundation that provides meals for hungry kids? Well yeah, who wouldn’t? And who doesn’t love a restaurant that is giving back to the community?! Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar, Bostonsuntil February 15th, is hosting their 17th annual Boston’s Cares campaign though a partnership with No Kid Hungry in an effort to feed hungry children across the U.S.

Tuesday, we spent the afternoon at Boston’s Restaurant creating and assembling a heart-shaped pizza that was then cooked in their 500 degree oven for us to enjoy. Our blogger friend Tammy Litke won the title of Blogger Bake-Off with her creative addition of pineapple and pizza name. Congrats Tammy, but we all won the opportunity of taking our baked pizzas home to devour, I mean eat and enjoy. We also were able to enjoy other items off their fresh and amazing menu and learn more about their commitment to give back to the community.

Amazing food!
Amazing food!

We tasted their fried bananas and pickles and let me tell you hands down you will not find better at any restaurant. These were lightly breaded and so fresh tasting. Also, we sampled their mini pizzas. Seriously…in a few words our taste buds would describe Boston’s food as: scrumptious, pleasing, fresh, and downright heavenly. We also tasted their beef nachos and they do not dwindle on the fresh Angus beef…every bite will guarantee you some beef. Menus vary depending on location, but never fear if these delectable items are not available at your location, we are pretty sure you are safe to go with anything you order off the menu!

Beth's Pizza: "Facing Hunger One Heart at a Time"
Beth’s Pizza: “Facing Hunger One Heart at a Time”

Beth tried to create a face with pepperoni shaped hearts and giving the pizza a name: “Facing hunger one heart at a time” with the pizza description of “ This heart faced pizza features a face with pepperoni, mushrooms, and spinach on top of mozzarella cheese and red sauce. Let your delicious pizza feed you and a hungry child one heart at a time.”

Nicole's Pizza
Nicole’s Pizza

Nicole took on a Valentine’s Theme with her “Mi Corazon” pizza, sure to please any heart with bacon, pepperoni, spinach and ranch dressing drizzle. “Mi Corazon. Mi Alma. Son Tuyos!”….my heart, my soul, they are yours.

Boston’s, until February 15th, is offering several simple ways to donate to their No Kid Hungry Campaign. 1) For every pizza sold, Boston’s will donate $1. 2) Guests can donate money via paper hearts available at tables. 3) The company is matching contributions via pizza sales to the campaign. 4) Pizza are heart shaped, perfect for getting in the Valentine mood! While we are talking about hearts, we think it is truly heartwarming that Boston’s Pizza Foundation commits itself to giving back to the communities in which that operating Boston’s resides. We love ourselves some fun, different, and memorable so if you’re looking for some great Family-Friendly Valentine’s Outings or Getting Out of That Box of Chocolates then check out our favorite top 10 lists for this year, 2015! And before February 15th, don’t forget to stop by and treat you and a loved one to a heart shaped pizza and feel so LOVEly knowing you are also feeding a hungry child in your backyard! What better way to impress your significant other for why you chose Boston’s for a date night…besides how amazingly delish that pizza will taste!!!

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