The Bubble

My husband and I have this joke about putting me in “The Bubble”. You see when we were trying to conceive we really were ready to do ANYTHING to have a baby. So I gave up alcohol, caffeine, sugar, exercise, sushi, etc. for months at a time. There was a time where my husband wouldn’t let me pick up anything heavy (even groceries) because I was in The Bubble. And nothing came out of it.

Each time we did a hormone fertility treatment….I went in The Bubble. And nothing happened.

When I tried fertility acupuncture….I went in The Bubble. And nothing happened.

The first three times we found out we were pregnant, I went in The Bubble. And I lost the babies.

For some reason we thought The Bubble was going to help. We envisioned self-denial and a change in lifestyle for those few months would magically change my physiology and I would become and stay pregnant. Our friends took notice too, and stopped inviting us places because I just wouldn’t do anything. It was sort of this depressing, desperate place to be which is exactly the last place I needed to be when struggling with the inability to conceive a child.

When I became pregnant with my daughter we discussed The Bubble a lot. We wanted to do things differently with my pregnancy with her. So I didn’t go in The Bubble. I drank Cokes, I wrestled with my son, I even drank champagne at a wedding in New York when I was further along in my pregnancy. And everything amazing happened. She is beautiful and full of life and my pregnancy was dreamy.

So now, that we are talking about trying for a third….do I go in The Bubble? If I get pregnant, do I go in The Bubble?

Did you ever go in The Bubble while trying to get pregnant or when you were pregnant? What other funny things did you do while trying or when you were pregnant?

This is a continuation of my journey through the thoughts, feelings and experiences contemplating adding a third child to our family. My initial post provides a glimpse into the reality and the joke of this question for our family. I also question The 40 Year Gap and discuss how our family is Comfortable as a Family of Four. I also share our Pregnancy Fire Drill that happened a few months ago. I really struggle if I should go in The Bubble when trying to conceive. I then asked the question, “Can Facebook Help Me Get Pregnant?” My husband and I also consider Is Gender Selection for Us or Just for Fun? Then we tried my Trifecta for Getting Pregnant and it worked!!!

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