Bubbles make Everything Better

Who doesn’t love bubbles? What child is not crazy for bubbles? I’m an adult and enjoy them still! Bubbles make everything fun, I don’t want to chew bubble gum unless I can blow bubbles with it.

Next week is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. This got me to thinking about all bubbles in general and how much I love them because they have helped entertain my twins so often in time of great need, truly!

Today is TwinZone Tuesday where we talk about twins and multiples. Recently my three boys got another haircut. During this trip I was thinking back to their first visits. For my twins the first several visits to the salon they were fussy and wanted nothing to do with sitting in the chair for a haircut.

He wasn't interested in anything, but mom blowing bubbles made him sit happy for a haircut
He wasn’t interested in anything, but mom blowing bubbles made him sit happy for a haircut

Bubbles and Haircuts
What I would do to pass the time and get them to stay in their seats for haircuts without fussing was to simply blow bubbles. Now this is a great trick that can work with singletons as well. However, especially with twins this can be great because what is a mom of twins doing with one child while the other is getting the haircut? Usually they have to hold or entertain or run after the other if they don’t have a helper with them. Personally, I liked being able to stand beside my child as they get their haircut, especially when they are fussy and trying to escape. Also, I want to watch that the haircut is as I wanted….

With blowing bubbles, the twin getting the haircut and the other twin on the ground can simultaneously be entertained by the bubbles. This keeps both twins close to you, the haircut goes off smoothly, mom is not stressed, and everyone is happy.

This blue container holds bubble wrap ready to go 24/7
This blue container holds bubble wrap ready to go 24/7

Bubble Wrap and Office Visits, Grocery Stores and More
In my garage, I keep a big blue container filled with bubble wrap which I collect from packages and gifts or even buy at the dollar or container store. I’m always using bubble wrap for a package or wrapping (just recently for ornaments stored after Christmas)and also for entertainment.

During my last visit to our orthopedic doctor to have a cast checked and another x-ray (one twin has a broken leg) we had to wait quite some time. I was with all three of my boys and thankfully guess what I had to entertain my twins….bubble wrap! Usually I bring travel sticker books, but I had forgotten to grab them. One was happy sitting on the table and the other in the stroller for nearly 20 minutes just popping that bubble wrap.

Additionally I use bubble wrap at the grocery store for that moment where my twins start hitting or biting one another, and I need them to settle down. When visiting and waiting at the pediatrician office or when shopping for clothes or other needs, I use bubble wrap for distraction and simple amusement. I don’t often give them bubble wrap, it is just one of many items I keep on hand for emergency entertainment.
Click here for some fun online bubble wrap games.

Bubbles for Bathtimebubble bath (800x600)
I love Burt’s Bee Bubble Bath, tear free, for children. Often I fill the tub with that and let my boys play with bubbles and bathe. That makes bath time easy and simple for everyone! I just use a washcloth and the bath water to wash them. Now if only I could manage to take a bubble bath!

Bubbles bubbles everywhere, I’m so thankful that I rediscovered the usefulness of bubbles with my twins as it’s helped me to manage all three of my boys from bathtime to doctors to haircuts and more. Bubbles make everything better! Do you use bubbles for entertainment? If you are a mom of twins, I hope this post helps you to rediscover the usefulness of bubbles and I hope it helps you to just manage!!

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