Cash Back Shopping Online for Father’s Day

Still need to purchase a Father’s Day gift? Still need to purchase some swimsuits, bug spray, picnic blankets or other summer goods? Want to get paid cash-back via check based on percentage spent for ALL these purchases made online? Right now, for Father’s Day, you can earn double cash back at many stores from Amazon to Nordstrom, Living Social to Overstock, Target and so much more.

I endorse ebates as I signed up two years ago and EVERY time I shop online I go through ebates and have always received a check in the mail months later. You can still use coupon codes or discounts upon checkout, but going through ebates allows you to qualify for their cash back program. It doesn’t matter if you get a Groupon or use Amazon Prime, simply go through ebates first to get cash back on top of your discounted purchases. So you earn a little extra $$-$$$ on items you were going to purchase anyway.

I always thought this was too good to be true “getting paid to shop.” When my cashback checks started coming, and I had those checks in hand, I realized this wasn’t too good to be true. It was just smart shopping! They send checks at least four times a year. Especially after having twins, and having more difficulty, sometimes impossible, to get out the door for shopping needs;
I discovered TWO great loves:
1) Ebates where I get paid to shop
2) AmazonPrime where I get delivery of items in 2 days, with free shipping and usually at a cheaper rate.

There are NO fees to pay, NO influx of emails, NO forms to submit, NO points to redeem; Just shop and get cashback!! I love this program and hope you can sign up to earn some money back as well. Sign up now!!

To start getting paid for all online shopping:

This was my first ebates check received after just a few small Amazon purchases
This was my first ebates check received after just a few small Amazon purchases

1) Sign up for Ebates
2) Evey time you want to shop online, go to Ebates first
3) Through ebates, you can go to whatever website or store you would like to make a purchase at (ebates will even show you additional coupons and discounts for stores)
4) Once you have shopped, at the checkout, you can still enter any coupon or discount codes you have
5) Checkout
6) Once you have a certain amount ebates will send you a check directly. The amount never expires like some other cash-back programs.
7) Take you check and cash in your money earned for shopping!!

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