Celestial Park, Addison, Texas

Celestial Park in Addison Texas is the sort of place where a person can Just Be. It’s peaceful and tranquil. The perfect place to walk and think, sit and reflect or enjoy an outdoor reading nook.

Celestial Park in Addison Texas

The park has steps leading up to a sundial.

Once at the sundial, if you stand on the current month-engraved circular stone, a shadow will be cast onto the appropriate time-engraved stone. That is what I was told…

We went on an overcast, cold, and drizzly day so we didn’t get to test the sundial. However, we will be back!

Why the name Celestial?

There are many steps around the park. These steps are engraved with celestial quotations and poetry.

We found one quote by Hellen Keller,

“That the sky is brighter than the earth means little unless the earth itself is appreciated and enjoyed. Its beauty loved gives the right to aspire to the radiance of the sunrise and sunset.

Discovering this Hellen Keller quote was exciting because we had brought “The Life of Hellen Keller” book for a family read.


This park is small, and parking is limited. Like seriously limited!

This is where I parked, one of only 5 spaces next to the park.

A small area with rocks which my boys loved

Parking Take Two:

If you want to park “off-site” and walk a little way to the park, then locate 5350 Belt Line. This is a finance building behind Del Frisco.

From here, you will need to locate the jogging path in the direction of Celestial Park.

You’ll pass a gazebo, pond and bridge before entering the amazing Celestial Park.

Walking or Picnic:

There are a few nice walking paths, benches, tables and chairs.

Dog Friendly:

Yes, the park is dog-friendly and even has pet waste dispensers.

Location of Celestial Park, Addison, Texas:

5501 Celestial Road, Addison, Tx 75001

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6 thoughts on “Celestial Park, Addison, Texas”

  1. I live in Addison, and I’m on a Covid assignment in New York, this is exactly what I need when I come back home. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh wow! I hope your trip wasn’t as stressful as it sounded. Either way, I hope you enjoy Celestial Park!! I wish it was closer to us!

  3. Thank you for posting photos and your thoughtful review. I am looking for a park in the area that is not far from Preston Road to meet with a dear elderly friend who is undergoing cancer treatment – we only meet outdoors, and as lovely as the park looks, none of the sites (Google reviews, even the park website itself) show even one table. I see the steps, the walking areas, a low wall that I suppose one could sit upon, and only one small bench. We usually try to meet in Allen, but due to appointments and logistics, were hoping to find something closer to Preston Road. If you happen to see this – thank you for posting, and do you happen to know if there are tables where we might sit somewhat socially distanced and enjoy a coffee together?

    • Hi Mrs. Roberts,

      Thank you for reading and replying with your kind and thoughtful feedback. Unless they’ve added some since we last visited, there are no tables at this park. Let me think about a few parks in the Preston Road area that might fit your needs and I’ll reply back with those ideas. Hopefully, I’ll think of something. What a sweet soul you are for working extra hard to find the perfect meeting place for you and your friend.


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