Change Please!

No not that sort of change, but a blog-revamp change here at WiseMommies. We didn’t need a break, we didn’t want to stop blogging; we just needed a change. The core of who we are and what we believe in hasn’t changed. We’ve only grown wiser with the addition of more kids and getting older via time/experience, so our blog layout has been completely redesigned, refashioned and adapted to be overall more blogger friendly and user friendly. This has been an ongoing process for nearly 8 months! Whoa!!

The time, sweat, love, and headache given to revamping our blog is just a minuscule idea to the commitment and passion we have for blogging wisely.

So, we are live now!! We hope you can feel the excitement over the next few weeks as we share with you so many new ways to live wisely.  You might still see a few final touches here and there but the blogging is back on full time and in full force. Change has happened, and we are so excited to spill back into blogging.


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