Cheese Fondue Recipe

Easy, fun, and so delicious, this Cheese Fondue Recipe is a family tradition for New Year’s Eve. Stemming from a European tradition, where many have Raclette or Fondue for New Year’s Eve, we thought to also fondue into the new year, every year. The following recipe is also the same as what is served in several restaurants such as Simply Fondue and the Melting Pot. This post contains affiliate links.

Fondue Pot, Fondue Sticks and Plates:


My favorite fondue cooking pot is the Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker. This pot is the best. It’s easy to cook, easy to clean, and works perfectly for my cheese and meat fondue.

My Cuisinart fondue pot was a wedding gift, and it has been well-used and cherished. 15 years+

The cord that came with our fondue pot is not long enough for us to set the pot in the middle of our table, and still allow everyone to reach the pot so we added an extension cord.

We use Trudeau Stainless Steel Forks for all our cheese and meat fondue. I have three sets so that all family members and guests are sure to have two of their own color coded forks.

The color coding is very important. You might think that you won’t forget which fork is yours, but you will. And if you don’t, others will which means your food will be taken by others. Trust us, color coding is a must!

When we first began this tradition, we used whatever small bowels and plates we could find in the kitchen.

Once we saw how much fun our kids had with fondue, we invested in fondue plates These really make a fondue difference!

Our Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue Recipe

Ingredients, For this Cheese Fondue Recipe You’ll need:

50/50 Swiss Cheese Blend of Grùyere & Emmenthaler
50% Grùyere & 50% Emmenthaler Swiss cheese
White wine (we use 4 oz of Chablis white wine)

50% Emmenthaler Swiss Cheese

50% Grùyere Swiss Cheese

White Wine

(we use 6 oz of Chablis white wine)

For this Cheese Fondue Recipe You’ll also need:

Choppped garlic, Pepper (4-7 dashes), Nutmeg (1-2 dashes), Lemon (half), and Kirschwasser Brandy (1/2 -1 ounce)

I love this picture of my husband and son watching and waiting for the cheese fondue.

To Make This

Cheese Fondue Recipe

In a large fondue pot, like my Cuisinart fondue pot mentioned above, first, pour in your white wine.

Then, add a spoon of chopped garlic (we like garlic so we I add at least 1 full tablespoon, umm maybe 2-3 tablespoons of garlic when my German husband and kids aren’t looking).

Then, squeeze ½ of a lemon into the pot.

Once you have the wine, garlic, and lemon in the pot, and heated for a few minutes, you can start to add the cheese.

I usually let this combination set and simmer for at least 10-15 minutes before adding the cheese.

The MOST Important Ingredient, The Cheese!

You want to slowly add the cheese. It’s equal amounts of Grùyere and Emmenthaler Swiss cheeses. Stir! Take time to let the cheese slowly melt while stirring. We don’t have a specific amount of cheese that we buy, but it is A LOT! We just keep stirring and adding cheese as it melts and we stir. Over the years, we have had to change up our pot to feed anywhere from 4 to 12 people.

Warm Honey

You want to continue adding your cheese as the melted cheese appears to have the consistency of warm honey. While doing this, add some ground pepper and a dash of nutmeg.

As you pull the cheese away from the edge of the pot, add ½ ounce of Krischwasser Brandy around the edges. This allows the alcohol to boil out while leaving a hint of cherry flavor to the cheese. Continue stirring the cheese to give it one last smooth consistency.

What to Serve for Dipping into The Cheese Fondue

Year to year, this changes a little bit, but pretty much: different assortments of bread such as French, Bavarian Rye and Pumpernickel, grapes, apples, raw broccoli, and …. get creative.

I’ve let my boys pick one dipping item different every year and that’s been fun.

Click on this video to stat your

Step by Step hands-on How to do Fondue videos

Cheese Fondue

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