Child’s First Hair Cut

OK, all my friends were beginning to ask when I would get a haircut for my son. It was getting too long, but just so sad, for me, to get his first haircut. My friend’s son, also, needed a haircut, so we went together. My friend’s distraction not only helped me feel better, but we actually had fun. She took me to this fun little place called“snip-its”. Stacey even gave me a coupon that she had printed from the website for $3 off the first visit. Loved my friend’s thoughtfulness of not only picking me up, going with me for my son’s first haircut, but even thinking to save me some money via a coupon. Thanks Stacey!!! 

We arrived 15 minutes after they opened, 10:15am, and ended up waiting nearly an hour. However, we didn’t mind because they have this fun little wait/play area. Our sons playing and waiting below. 

 haircut 2








They also had this little “stop man”, see the picture below, with the little stop sign and his hand up signalling for all to stop. Well, my son, who can’t read yet, thought the guy was there to give a “high five” to all. So my son walked past him, giving a high five on the way. Thought that was pretty cute/funny!

Also, the picture below, right, is my son actually “smiling” for the picture. He is not upset, I know, unique! Well, it is “his” “special” smile.  

haircut 6haircut 9









This place has a big “machine” that pops out a prize when you are finished with your haircut. The child puts a card in, the machine makes all these loud and funny noises and suddenly a prize materializes. My son, didn’t have a card yet, since he hadn’t his haircut, but he stuck his hand into the machine trying to get a toy out. The cute little boy standing behind him, pulled him aside, told him he couldn’t do that and explained that he had to get a card first. Thought that was sweet of the boy! 

haircut card_for_toy_2

haircut card_for_toy_3









You can see in the pictures, below, my son wanted to see what was going on behind the stop aka “high-five” man. He is definitely an observer. When he realized that he was waiting his turn to sit in one of the big chairs, beyond the stop sign, he wanted a closer look at what was happening. See below to him just standing and observing the other children. 

 haircut looking_at_other_kidshaircut looking_at_other_kids_felix









So below are the pictures from his first haircut. Whimper whimper, tear roll, from me not my son. He was a champ.


 haircut 7haircut 8








The picture below, left, is my son looking at his friend getting a hair cut and then at himself, below, right, in the mirror, getting his hair cut.

haircut looking_at_self_in_mirror haircut 5








I love these pictures, below left, because I captured both my “German” son and his sweet “French” friend getting a haircut at the same time. See reflections in mirror….Ahhhh, and finally he got his card for the machine after getting his haircut. He ran straight away to the toy maker for his prize. I must say, it is places like this, that I do love about America and being in it. Would not have found such a cool and fun place for my child’s first haircut in Germany. Also love having some of my old college/Uni friends around to love on me…thanks again Stacey, was a fun day! 

haircut 1

haircut card_for_toy






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