Chinese Traditional New Year Food to Eat in 2022

Chinese Traditional New Year Food to Eat in 2022. Why does our family eat Chinese Traditional New Year Food for the Chinese New Year?

1) Feasting with your family is memorable and fun.

2) Any reason to have a themed family dinner is reason enough for me.

3) Introducing new food in an educational environment or within a theme is exciting, different, and interesting. Seeing the look on their face as they try the food items is priceless.

Chinese Traditional New Year Food

Lucky Food Dishes & Symbolism

  1. Dumplings (jiǎozi, 饺子) = Wealth The more dumplings you eat, the more wealth you can make. Before eating a dumpling, each person at the dinner table should say,  “Zhāo cái jìn bǎo. This means “Bringing in wealth and treasure.”
  2. Tangerines (chéng, 橙) Oranges and other citrus fruit as well = Fullness, Luck, Success, & Wealth
  3. Longevity Noodles (cháng shòu miàn, 长寿面) (the longer the better) = Happiness & Longevity
  4. Tangyuan (tāngyuán, 汤圆) (Sweet Rice Balls in a rounded shape) = Family Togetherness, reunion, and being together
  5. Spring Rolls (chūnjuǎn, 春卷) = Prosperity
  6. Niangao = After a Niangao some say, “Getting higher year-after-year by year.” This means “improvement in life.”
  7. Fish (yú, 鱼) Always serve fish with the head & tail. (usually Carp but also catfish or snapper) = Prosperity. After eating fish, the following phrase is often spoken “May you always have more than you need”
  8. A Whole Chicken (zhēng jī, 蒸鸡)  = Family, Unity, Blessings & Protection over the Family. The breadwinner in the family should eat the chicken feet. This might help them “grab” onto wealth.
  9. Pork (zhūròu, 猪肉) = rich, prosperous life, wealth, strength and abundant blessings

Chinese Traditional New Year Food

Lucky Fruit & Vegetables

  1. Melons & Grapefruit = Family
  2. Seaweed = Wealth & Fortune
  3. Bamboo Shoots & Cabbage = Longevity

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