Cinco de Mayo Pinata Fun and more

 In honor of Cinco de Mayo, May 5, teach children something about the Mexican culture. Below are some more simple and fun game ideas.


Piñata Fun

Go to your nearest Mexican market or food store and buy an inexpensive Piñata filled with candy or other surprises. Cinco de Mayo has become so popular, that you can now buy Piñatas at nearly any grocery store. However, if you do have a Mexican market or Mexican food store nearby, make the trip with your child to show them the store, point out different food being sold there, words in Spanish, and have them point out items which might be “typical” from the Mexican culture.

Once home, “Break the Piñata”

Take a large stick, we use our son’s baseball bat, hang the Piñata up from a tree outside, blindfold one child at a time, place them infront of the Piñata and let them take up to 3 swings, at a time, at the Piñata. Make sure other children are out of the way. As a family, we take turns blindfolding one another for swinging at the Piñata. My son thinks it’s really funny to see mama and papa, blindfolded and trying to find the Piñata to hit.


A great book read to go with this game, read El piñtero/The Piñata Maker, by George Ancona. Read the book before buying the Piñata, after buying, before hitting, after hitting….

Buenos Amigos (Good Friends)

For older children, have your children write a note to some of their friends, listing positive and nice reasons why they like that person as a friend (amigo). Give them suggestions for writing telling them to think of kind things as to how their amigos act, think, play, work, look, or communicate. Let them mail the letters to their friends, drive by their houses to drop them off, or give them to their amigos directly if you have them over for a Piñata party.

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