Cities Where Kids are Spoiled The Most

I have to admit, being a Dallasite, the minute I saw the “top 10 cities that spoil kids the most” list on yahoo today, I knew without a doubt, my home and current city of Dallas would be on there. Not only is Dallas on there, but we acquired a special label, along with Miami and LA, of being flashy and affluent. Raleigh, NC, a city we have considered moving to, made the top “cities that spoil kids the least” list.

Yes, Dallas, like every city in the world, has its negatives. However, I can honestly say, after having traveled the world, living in 4 different countries and traveling to more than 45, I’m glad to be back home and raising my children in Dallas. Several reasons for this such as family, old friends, and opportunities. Check out our posts for Things to Do around DFW! I haven’t been able to, or rather had the time to finish, posting opportunities in Dallas that I have wanted to post, mostly because I’ve been too busy spoiling my child!! 

10 Cities that Spoil Kids The Most

New York, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Miami, FL

Minneapolis, MN

Tulsa, OK

Dallas, TX

Atlanta, GA

Los Angeles, CA

San Diego, CA

Ft. Worth, TX

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