Being Comfortable as a Family of Four

We are…..comfortable. Our little family of four…well five if you include the dog. I love sitting on the couch, Papi, son, Mami, daughter, dog. All snuggled up. I love that even though my daughter still wakes up at night, we snuggle and we can all goes right back to sleep without much disturbance. Everyone eats pretty much whatever I give them and we all fit in my car. We are over all the craziness of figuring out how to schedule two naps a day with school pick-ups and making sure we have enough diapers and gear for a baby. Do we want to be uncomfortable again? Adding a third child would do that. It would be disruptive and make us UNcomfortable. To be uncomfortable would mean mental and physical discomfort as we face new challenges, new fears, be disquieted and sleep deprived again. We will also have to face new fears the minute we put our hearts on the line and try to conceive; fears of another miscarriage or fears that we might face something else such as a developmental issue, fears of not conceiving at all. comfort zoneBeing comfortable is easy. We are in an easier phase of life. I can take a purse with me when we leave the house, everyone tells me when they have to go potty, we can eat at pretty much anyplace and not worry about bringing food for the kids. Our house is not full of large baby toys and nursery furniture, I don’t have to worry about someone choking on a small toy part and I can communicate to everyone…HUGE!!!! My daughter is already turning into a Threenager (at just 2.5 years!) and struggling with all those issues as well as navigating breastfeeding, newborn naps and poopy diapers, just doesn’t sound appealing. Or does it? Today I rocked my daughter to sleep for a nap like I have almost all of her life. I cherish these moments with her and love those snuggles with my children. I don’t want to give that up but know in time she will either drop the nap or not need me to rock her to sleep. That is one reason why having a third would be so amazing…I wouldn’t have to give it up. I will be able to enjoy the special moments of watching my older two encourage and interact with the baby. They might struggle with sharing Mami but they will have a playmate for life and confidant. Our life might be uncomfortable for a while, but in the long run, it will be comfortable. Just like right now it is comfortable.  

How Many Kids Are You Comfortable With In Your Family?

One Child
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Two Children
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Three Children
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Four Children
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Five or More Children
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This is a continuation of my journey through the thoughts, feelings and experiences contemplating adding a third child to our family. My initial post provides a glimpse into the reality and the joke of this question for our family. I also question The 40 Year Gap and discuss how our family is Comfortable as a Family of Four. I also share our Pregnancy Fire Drill that happened a few months ago. I really struggle if I should go in The Bubble when trying to conceive. I then asked the question, “Can Facebook Help Me Get Pregnant?” My husband and I also consider Is Gender Selection for Us or Just for Fun? Then we tried my Trifecta for Getting Pregnant and it worked!!!

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