Cooking Lobster Tails

 Picture left: Yes, real lobster observing my son while my son observes the lobster.

This Spring & Summer, I’ve seen so many sales such as buy 1 get 2 free for lobster or lobster tails. I love lobster so we stocked our freezer up with some of these sales and I’ve been cooking lobster at home. It’s so quick and easy which is my sort of cooking!

Time to prepare: 10 minutes for 3-4 lobster tails

I usually get 10oz lobster tails

First, defrost your lobster tail. Using a pair of kitchen shears, cut down one side of the lobster tail, as close to the side as you can, all the way to the tail . Repeat this step for the other side. Then cut across the middle at the base of the tail, cutting away the shell. Grab the shell and peel it off.

cut sides_Copy

cut tail_Copypeel skin_Copy

For my Lobster Marinade: I melted 2 tablespoons of butter in a bowl, added 2 squeezed lemons (roughly 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice), dash of pepper, garlic powder, salt, and a dash of paprika. Place lobster tails on pieces of aluminium foil, drizzle your lobster marinade over the lobster tail.

sauce Copy

cover with_sauce_Copy





Fold the aluminium in the middle and ends so that you completely seal your lobster tail for cooking. Preheat oven and cook at 450 degrees. Use the following cooking chart for baking times. After it is cooked, unwrap, serve on a plate, use extra marinade sause for dipping, enjoy!

put in_foil_Copy wrap comp_in_foil_Copyfinished Copy

Lobster Cooking Times  

Lobster Tail Weight

Cooking Time

2 Oz.

12 minutes

4 Oz.

18 minutes

6 Oz.

22 minutes

8 Oz.

26 minutes

12 Oz.

30 minutes

14 Oz. +

35 minutes

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