Crib Sheet Tip/Trick to Save Time and One’s Sanity

What do you do if your newborn, infant or toddler wets the bed, or has massive amounts of spit up, or gets sick with throw-up in bed in the wee hours of the morning or all night long? With my first born child, we would change the sheets multiple times a night and eventually we would have to take him to our bed or lay towels down in the crib. Well before the birth of my twins, another twin mom gave me a great tip. A GREAT TIP!!!
So we all know how extremely easy it is to change those crib sheets, insert big time sarcasm here, and especially at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning and especially with the old school bumpers. Without bumpers or with these new and improved breathable bumpers, it’s not quite as dramatic to take sheets on and off but still difficult, time consuming, inconvenient and usually always at the most inappropriate time (early morning hours).

You can see on one of the cribs how I have lined up my <a href=
You can see on one of the cribs how I have lined up my waterproof mattress cover then crib sheet,REPEAT, to be put on the beds. I have one old school bumper (that crib is really difficult) and one breathable bumper still better to layer and only deal with the sheets once!

This tip/trick is simple and easy
1) Buy several crib sheets (these can be expensive, so I bought most of mine at consignment sales or from other moms) I also bought some full price and love the jersey cotton easy fit crib sheets Usually when the crib sheets would say “fitted” they were truly fitted and difficult to layer with. Most of my flannel sheets, for winter, were fitted and even my husband struggled to layer.
2) Buy several waterproof mattress sheets (again second hand to save money)
3) Take the mattress out of the bed
4) Lean the mattress against the wall or something so it is standing up or if easier, for you, lay it on the floor
5) Put a waterproof mattress cover on the mattress then a bed sheet and repeat this up to 5x. Yes FIVE layers of waterproof covering and bed sheets.
6) I find it difficult to stretch five layers, I can easily do four if all jersey cotton sheets, three if they are flannel sheets, but my husband can manage getting 5 layers on no matter what. His trick to do that is simple manpower.
7) When you want to change the sheet simply pull off the two top covering (bed sheet and waterproof cover). This will uncover your next bed sheet and waterproof layering, clean and awaiting usage.

So the next time your newborn(s), infant(s) or toddler(s), has too much spit up, pees out of the diaper, gets sick or just to keep the sheets regularly changed, using this simple easy trick will help you keep your sanity. It saves time as you only have to do one load for all the sheets, and you only have to change the sheets one time. While I greatly wish I had known this simple tip/trick for my singleton, I’m beyond grateful to have used it for my twins. Any tip that can help a mom of twins better manage her time is greatly needed as you have double less the time.

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I also wanted to mention .While it is still unknown why SIDS happens,Doctors and health care workers have tried to compile some lists which they believe might help reduce risks of SIDS. One of the items that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends is to make sure that your baby’s crib has a firm mattress, with a fitted sheet, and no loose bedding. The crib/sheet tip/trick that I’ve posted about, if you put the sheets on properly,as I’ve mentioned in this post, then there isn’t extra softness; sheets are still fitted, no loose bedding and everything is still firm.

What tips or tricks have you utilized to help manage your time, save time, and keep your sanity with newborns; especially with newborn twins?

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6 thoughts on “Crib Sheet Tip/Trick to Save Time and One’s Sanity”

  1. That’s so simple and genius! :) allthough it only happened to us 5 times past 2,5 years that we had to change ghe bed at night (and 3 of these during gastro infections).
    You can also buy mattress protectors that are fitted sheets and only have them. Leaking diapers usually mean too small diaper (even if baby’s weight matches the label). Spit ups at night after feedings may be avoided by a) making sure they burp after nursing b) making sure a kid does not suffer from reflux.

    • Olga, I’m not familiar with the mattress protectors that are fitted sheets. Are they soft? I also haven’t had to change the sheets too often in the night. However, when I did need too, with the twins, I was thankful to have the next sheet ready so I didn’t have to wake the other twin making so much noise for sheet changing….Additionally, it’s just been nice to peel layer after layer off every week(I love clean sheets) and then only do one sheet load a month. Thanks for the feedback!!!

  2. good idea. my boys are 21 now but i remember well those long nights. mine would not sleep unless they were touching. if one woke up the other did. with two cribs, they went from one end to the other when they were very small and then to the second crib. when they were a little bigger they went from one crib to the other but i had to change the first to be ready for the next mess. this idea is genius! when my daughter has twins (LOL and fingers crossed) i will have to remember this tip!

  3. Hey, such an awesome tip..! I love to reach you and read this amazing content that you had shared with us. This is quite interesting to read. Keep posting more like this. Thanks for sharing..!


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