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I have never been great about keeping up with current events. I don’t like to surround myself with too much negativity, and I find that so many news sources are geared towards fear mongering or celebrity gossip or sports history. Additionally, I found following the lives of others didn’t make me feel great about my life. So I haven’t found a news source enjoyable for me to watch or follow on a daily basis. Interestingly, when talking to people who have lived in other parts of the world, it sounds like news in the United States, possibly in North America, is much different than that of other countries. Beth mentioned to me that news in Germany is more about sharing great stories about people and animals, very Discovery Channel like.

Now as a parent, I feel I need to know a little bit about what is newsworthy because then I can carry on a decent conversation that does not involve eating, pooping or tantrums. I am also raising little citizens of the world and I want them to know historical references, what is currently happening in the world and how that affects the future. Honestly, I get a lot of my news off my Facebook. I love that I have such a diverse group of friends that it is not all about sharing cute family pictures and stories about how to make the most awesome calm down bottle. I have lots of friends that post great conversations about current events and when something happens in my neighborhood I have different groups I can go to for the lo-down on what is happening. I do find myself wanting a back story or more information on something, and this is where The Skimm comes into play.

The Skimm is a daily email newsletter that basically gives you a briefing on the current trending topics, from sports to celebrity to political turmoil. These stories are witty, quick reads and easy to understand what is going on. I also love that they source from national and international news sources and so far I think it is not too far leaning one way or the other (but I’m not good at scaling these leaning measures!!). They are perfect for the busy mom or dad or grandparent who wants to have tidbits of info on what is trending and give you enough sourcing that you can read more if you want. I’ve been so excited to share technological news with my (Director of Technology) husband before he was aware of it.

So if you are looking for a quick, easy, all encompassing news source you should check out The Skimm.

Do you follow the news? What are your favorite sources for news? Do you have any similar news sources like The Skimm that you keep up with? 

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