Dallas Aquarium

A unique adventure in nature amongst flora and fauna from 5 continents, 14 countries, and 3 oceans. Great opportunity for an in-depth observation of the habitat, conservation, distribution, and behavioural/structural adaptations of animals and plants.

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One of the only places in the US where you can get up close to, as well as feed, a Sloth. There is also a South African exhibit, and a seasonal Madagascar display.


You immediately enter into a 200-foot ramp which is lined with plants and animals. We thought that we might not make it much further into the aquarium as our son wanted to spend 30minutes just touching and observing in this Wilds of Borneo Entrance ramp.

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Then we entered into a rainforest exhibit. Mixed avian species fly freely above and around you foraging for food and building nests on top of a 40ft waterfall. At one point, I turned around to see a huge and widely colored bird had landed right beside my son. I was so amazed, so was my son with eyes the size of quarters, that I didn’t even take a picture. 


Vampire bats, Antillean manatees, amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates and fish. 

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Marine species from around the world.


Enjoy the Mundo Maya exhibit and a 40 foot long tunnel through filled with sharks and rays. Check times for feedings to see a real “show”. No worries, the kids love it!!

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Open 10am-5pm daily (closed Thanksgiving & Christmas) Sept 1-Feb 28

Open 9am-5pm daily, March 1- Aug 31


Admission: Adults $21, Chilren (3-12) $13, Seniors (60+) $17, Under 2 Free

Restaurants for eating are inside Café Maya 11-30-2:30 and Jungle Café 11-4pm

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