Dental Care 101: Baby´s Gums

Start taking good care of your baby´s gums even before his teeth pop through!


While your baby might still be toothless, that doesn´t mean that dental care is not already necessary.

Try to wipe your baby´s gums with a wet washcloth often or after some milk feedings to remove any milk residue. Once his first tooth pops through, use a brush or finger brush with a little bit of kids non-fluoridated toothpaste twice a day.

If your infant clamps his jaws together and it seems impossible to open his mouth, try brushing your own teeth in front of your baby while showing your own enthusiasm for brushing.

The earlier you implement a brushing routine and dental care for your baby, the easier and more natural it will become for your child. 

You might also think, why should I take care of his first teeth if they fall out at some point anyway? Taking care of your baby´s first teeth and his permanent teeth are equally important. Although your baby´s first teeth will fall out at some point, in the meantime, they serve a very important function by reserving space for the permanent teeth. If your baby loses his first tooth too early it can cause the permanent tooth to shift, which causes orthodontic problems in the future for your child. Babies teeth are also important for biting and chewing his food, but also for learning to speak correctly.

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