Diaper and Schniedelwutz Exploration

Have you ever gone to tuck your child in good night only to find them naked? Has your son discovered and now has a growing fascination with his Schniedelwutz, as a curious boy might naturally do? Has your child become a poop Picasso by discovering and experimenting with the poop in their diaper? Oh the possible permutations of havoc simply laying beneath those sweet PJ’s you clothed your child with.

And are you wondering what the heck Schniedelwutz means?
Schniedelwutz is a nickname for penis in German. We are a 100% German/English bilingual home. Some words are German favored while others are English favored and Schniedelwutz is the word I favor with my kids for several reasons. The end of this post has some helpful affiliate links to help with diaper and Schniedelwutz exploration.

Backward PJ Great edited
Zipper sleepers/pjs, worn backwards

If you have boys, you have, or soon will, discover their fascination with their penis. And they have no shame in talking about it, playing with it, adjusting it, holding it, or shouting out about it. The other day I walked down an aisle in Target and my son yelled out, “Mama my Schniedelwutz is stuck and feels funny” while fidgeting in the cart. I could reply, “ok we will take care of that” as I smiled and passed all the staring shoppers clueless as to what my child really just YELLED out. I mean imagine “Mama my PENIS is stuck and feels funny” and how many people would be staring, smirking but…. Instead, I was the one smiling, smirking and thinking, I love my kids being bilingual!

Can be a Pretty Big Problem with Diaper and or Schniedelwutz Exploration:
With my older singleton child, we had no issues. Then came along the twins, and they are really trying to earn the double trouble badge stereotype. They love to take their clothes off when they go to bed at night. In the beginning, I was having to change sheets numerous times because they had unzipped and taken off their PJ’s and diaper and then peed in bed. Bedtime was getting pushed back by hours, I could see that this was becoming an issue, as settling down time was becoming exploration-play-time and their sleep schedule becoming extended into the wee morning hours…pun intended.

My boys were like monkeys in a zoo. As soon as one unzipped their clothes and whipped out their Schniedelwutz then the others mirrored this or wanted to follow suit while jumping up and down in bed and making oooohhhh ahhhhh monkey noises. The zoo-like, animals-gone-wild noises, is what always alerted us to disorder and chaos developing. The imagery of wild awry monkeys is not far off either as I walked into the room to see three monkeys, I mean boys, my sons, jumping up and down in beds, one swinging a diaper in circles over their head, two laughing hysterically, and another making noises that sound similar to that of a mad monkey, hand down in the nether regions.

Instead of training my monkeys to keep their PJ’s on, I decided to change their expectations one night, with simple migrating zippers. They have the illusion of still wearing their same pj’ that used to have zippers…but now magically and elusively displaced. This can only be achieved with special zipper coveralls.

I had a hard time finding these zipper pj, sleepers, coveralls in stores. Here are a few links to finding them online: 1) Bees and Jams girl sleepers 2) Bees and Jams boy sleepers 3) My favorite place to purchase them was from children’s place because they are super cute and affordable especially when buying for twins!! Love this truck sleeper and this Racoon stretchie 4) And if you want cutest of all, but higher price, these from Hatley are so adorable: moose, polar bears, and candy cane,

Now my only fear, being twins, it’s probably only a matter of time until they figure out they can unzip EACH other’s PJ’s. Then I’ll have to figure out another trick. With that in mind, anyone one step ahead of me that has dealt with this and can share advice?
PicMonkey Collage backward PJs
Short Review:
My trick to prevent my boys from taking their clothes off and prevent diaper and or schniedelwutz exploration:

Nightime Sleeping:
Put zip-up Pajamas on them backwards! Backward PJ’s! The PJ’s need to be without feet so you can put them backwards.

Daytime Playtime/Naptime:
Onesies under their outfits. They always wear onesies under their clothes. Finding a size 3T and 4T onesies was impossible via stores so I had to purchase these online: Gerber 3T/4T, Baby Jay up to 4T, and CBObaby(up to 5T and 6T for taller kids) which held up the best after wear and wash.

From having The Moment to trying to stay one step ahead with my many tips and tricks, balancing twins and a singleton, Tuesdays I try and write or publish a guest post about being in the TwinZone for Twinzone Tuesdays. We would love to hear from you if you have some wise tips and or tricks to share, please contact us. We would love to hear from you and share with others through our blog, WiseMommies.


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