Did you know Oktoberfest in Munich is Kid Friendly?

Did you know Oktoberfest in Munich is Kid friendly? Actually, most Germans don’t even know this about Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is so much more than just beer tents and fun. The Wiesn, Oktoberfest, in Munich, Germany is extremely family friendly if you know where to go. I couldn’t believe how welcoming and easy it was to manage this festival with our three small boys. There is even a dedicated Family Day which is packed with super savings to make the fun day even more affordable.

Where to Go for a Kid Friendly Oktoberfest in Munich

Look at all those children!

Oktoberfest in Munich is Kid Friendly

#1 Familienplatzl

Located Street3/East, with a big neon sign, the Familienplatzl is one street for families to slow down but still enjoy the fest.

On this street, there are beer gardens with family-friendly snacks and games. There are benches along the street to sit awhile while watching children play some of the games. There are specific baby changing rooms, microwaves to heat food for babies if needed and stroller friendly with no steps to maneuver.

#2 Oide Wiesn

We spent most of our family day at the Oide Wiesn. “Oide Wiesn” means “Old Oktoberfest.” There are so many great elements to experiencing the Oide Wiesn. It was only going as a family that we discovered this gem at the Oktoberfest. However, it should be a must visit for anyone who would like to step back into Oktoberfest historically.

The Festzelt Tradition tent is suitable for young children during the day. Children even get up on the stage, between performances jumping around and showing off their energetic talents as performers. After 8pm, no children under the age of 6 are allowed inside even if accompanied by their parents.

Tents in the Oide Wiesn

Tent #1 Festzelt Tradition

This is the largest beer tent in the Oide Wiesn. It is known as the musicians’ tent with a cultural program showcasing different traditional dancers, musicians, and performers. Capacity: 8226 Beer served: Augustiner-Bräu. Below is a short video of us at the Festzelt Tradition Tent.

Tent #2 Herzkasperl-Festzelt

Not super traditional as it plays more diverse less traditional music and vegan dishes are offered on the menu. Capacity: 2844 Beer served: Hacker-Pschorr

Tent #3 Zur Schönheitskönigin

This has become an extremely popular singalong to folk song tent. If you visit this tent, you’ll want to brush up on your German folk songs. No joke, Bavarians like to belt out their Oktoberfest songs at Oktoberfest. Capacity: 1780 Beer served: Staatliches Hofbräuhaus

Reservations for the Tents in the Oide Wiesn

Especially on Fridays and Saturdays, these tents can reach full capacity. Reservations for these tents in the Oide Wiesn are recommended for these days/nights and are easier to obtain than the tents in the “new” Oktoberfest.

Oide Wiesn Entrance

The Oide Wiesn is located on the southernmost part of the Oktoberfest Theresienwiese (festival grounds). It is also near an important symbol of Oktoberfest, the Willenborg Ferris Wheel.

It costs three Euros to enter the Oide Wiesn. However, the rides inside the Oide Wiesn only cost one Euro each. Festival grounds are open from 10am to 11pm.

*Every four years, the Oide Wiesn is not set up as the central agricultural fair (Bayerisches Zentral-Landwirtschaftsfest) takes place in this location.That means no Oide Wiesn in 2024, but if you are visiting in 2022, 2023, 2025….make sure to check out the Oide Wiesn.

Oide Wiesn Historical Rides

Historical rides and games such as the “Dicke Berta” to show off how strong you are, swing boats, picturesque carousels, shoot & toss games, and more all help in creating the nostalgic atmosphere of old fairgrounds specifically for the Bavarian culture.  

Look at all those strollers in front of the tent!

Oide Wiesn Museum Tent

The museum tent is another interesting stop in the Oide Wiesn. In addition to viewing historical Oktoberfest exhibits, there are interactive programs for children.

Oktoberfest in Munich is Kid friendly

In addition to the Familienplatzl, and Oide Wiesn, this website updates kid friendly events.

On this website, we downloaded “Herzerl Rallye.” Herzerl Rallye is a search and find game.

Kids can search for typical Oktoberfest themes such as these gingerbread hearts. After completing the game, the kids get to collect a surprise at the Theresienwiese service centre located behind the Schottenhammel marquee.

#3 Cafe Kaiserschmarrn

Before going into the Oide Wiesn, we met our sister-in-law and cousin at Cafe Kaiserschmarrn. This place was darling! It’s exactly how I would picture the witch’s house from Hansel & Gretel looking like on the inside.

Cafe Kaiserschmarrn is Hansel & Gretel Kid Friendly!

Every day at 2 pm, wedding cake is served for free. The owners of the Cafe, serve wedding cake as a fun way to commemorate the occasion of the Munich Oktoberfest, which was to celebrate the wedding of Ludwig von Bayern and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen in 1810.

Breakfast is a must at this cafe. It is freshly cooked before your eyes in a huge, cast-iron pan and includes scrambled eggs, honey-roast ham, fruit salad, fresh yogurt, a fluffy croissant and a glass of orange juice or even prosecco. Savory and sweet treats are also served at the cafe. Reservations recommended!

Have you been to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany with your family? If so, what kid-friendly tips would you add or suggest?

Don’t forget to pick out a Lebkuchenherz (Oktoberfest Heart) to gift or as a personal souvenir.

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2 thoughts on “Did you know Oktoberfest in Munich is Kid Friendly?”

  1. Hi Beth!
    I loved your post about Oktoberfest, it is exactly the information I was looking for as we have two young kids and were thinking about traveling to Munich soon to experience the fest! Is the Oktoberfest taking place this year though?? We live about 5 hours from Munich so were going to drive, but when I just looked up the ‘official website’ it says that Obtoberfest isn’t taking place this year in 2021? But your post was from just a few days ago… Soooo are they just trying not to attract too many visitors or do you have any insight about it? I really want to go to the Cafe Kaiserschmarrn now! Thanks so much!

    • Yes, go and take the kids!! They did cancel it again for this year. Most people start planning for Oktoberfest a year in advance, like to reserve a seat for a certain day in a tent, what days are the discounted Family Tuesday Days, make sure the Oide Wiesn is open that year (it will be for 2022), book a hotel nearby….. So far, they are planning to have Oktoberfest for 2022. Even for places like Cafe Kaiserschmarrn, you’ll want to look into making reservations. We had a place at the Cafe because my SIL had something reserved.
      We really had a blast. The rides, food and environment were better as far as being more affordable, less crowded, and kid-friendly, then any State Fair that we’ve taken the kids to in the States.


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