DMA Again

DMA time again. I LOVE the DMA. It is one of my favorite events to attend with the kids. Sadly, it’s been awhile, and it wasn’t easy going to the DMA with infant twins and a toddler. However, we did it. Stressful, yes! It was fun, but stressful trying to keep an eye on a running toddler and two babies. It had started to rain on us, and I was thankful to be there with a good friend who could help.

The picture, left, our toddlers painting with different veggies such as cucumbers, potatoes, and apples. Picture, below right, is of our toddlers hiding out under a cover while it rains. We got stuck at the park, across from the museum, when it had started to rain and I had to breastfeed. My friend patiently waited with me which was so sweet. Our toddlers still had fun in the rain!

dma after fun copy









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