Do’s & Don’ts for Dealing with a Finicky or Picky Eater


10 Foolproof tips, tricks and ideas for getting your child to expand their palate or for preventing a picky eater.

#1, #4 and #9, below, are my personal favorite of the 10 tips!

#1 Model: If your child sees that you do not want to eat a certain type of food, why would they eat it or even try it. Practice what you preach! Model what you want!

#2 Try try try again: I believe it is ok for the child to not like certain foods. However, my rule of thumb, is to always have my child try at least 2-3 bites. You never know when your taste buds will change. The fact is a child or even an adult can not truly tell if they like a new or certain food until they have tasted and eaten it at least 10-35+ times.

#3 Give choices: Almost anytime you give children choices, they will “bite.”

#4 Always try new foods: Trying new foods will help keep your child adventurous and prevent them from falling into the consistency of only liking “the usual”

#5 Little bites for introducing: Introduce a new food in small amounts the first time

#6 To snack or not to snack?: Be aware of snack times and what your child is snacking on

#7 Have fun eating: Eating should be fun so make it not a battle. Be creative and positive. I tell my husband that we need to always try and stay 2 steps ahead of our son

#8 The snack test via children: If your child doesn’t eat their meal, they shouldn’t be fed snacks following. They will know that they can skip a meal they don’t like only to get a preferable snack later.

#9 Don’t label them as picky. Be careful that you don’t say to your child or in-front of your child that they don’t like to eat this or that, or won’t like this or that, or of course won’t eat it. Don’t tell them that they are picky or anyone else that they are picky. Just don’t give them that label. You could always say, “we are working on expanding their palate”

#10 Just can’t say this enough: If your child says “no” to certain foods, try try try again. Again, it can take 10-35+ times before they’ll really try it or even develop a taste for it to know if they do or don’t like it.

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