Dr. Seuss Birthday Read

In America, March is National Reading Month. This month got designated for reading to honor Dr. Seuss’ Birthday which is March 2nd. Celebrate National Reading Month, even if your child can’t read yet, read to them in celebration of reading. Literacy skills begin to develop at birth and reading aloud to your child is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

The Cat in the Hat

Fun Activity Ideas

  1. Great opportunity to set up rules that children abide by when parents are gone.
    Also discuss how to handle emergencies. Where is the list of emergency numbers? Fire escape? First-aid?
    Any emergency which could occurs when children are alone.
  2. Activities for rainy days inside.
  3. List objects that the Cat in the Hat can balance.
  4. Try balancing different objects on your head/child does the same
  5. Older child: Write the story from the Cat in the Hat’s perspective

Dr. Seuss hat printables

1) Dr. Seuss’ hat

2) Word _at on Dr. Seuss’ hat

3) Blank hat for Dr. Seuss usage or other

4) Small hats


We encourage all parents to take a little extra time to read to their children today, or pick up a book to read yourself, in celebration of Read Across America Day. Happy Seussville and reading!!


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2 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss Birthday Read”

  1. We love Dr Suess too! We are now reading the ‘Cat in the Hat knows alot about that’ and the other day i saw that there is a TV series of it. xx

    • I also saw something via PBS for a TV series? I’m so crazy for Dr Suess. I’ve sent over several books and CDs for Dr Suess to Christine. I’ve also tried to find German translated books for Dr. Suess, but I think something is lost, culturally, in translation. Ferdinand, and I’m not sure about Christine, don’t seem to get it?
      Love to see others crazy for Dr. Suess!!!


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