Easy Bear Craft


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This craft is great for talking, practicing and teaching shapes while fine tuning motor skills, developing creative thinking and reasoning


You’ll need:

A paper plate

Brown construction paper

White construction paper

Pink construction paper

Googly eyes




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    1. You can print out my “Panda Bear Example” to have children copy/use as an example
    2. Cute out two round circles, with the brown and white construction paper. The white circles should be much smaller than the brown circles
    3. Glue the brown circles down on the paper plate for the eyes then glue the white circles down on the brown circles for the center of the eyes.
    4. Cut out two trapezoid shapes, for the eyebrows, from the white construction paper and glue down above the white circular part of the eye
    5. Glue down the googly eyes in the center of the white circles
    6. Cut out a triangle shape for the nose and glue down
    7. Cut out two brown ovals and two smaller white ovals, cutting off the bottom part. Glue these down for the ears
    8. For the mouth, use pink construction paper, or white construction paper and let them color it, glue it down
    9. Lastly, from brown construction paper, cut out some hair and let them glue down.

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My example was that of a Panda Bear, but when my son did his own creative spin on the craft, he ended up creating his own version of a regular ole’ bear. He wanted to use two hair pieces and made like a uni-brow hair pieceJ And made the eyebrows more like eyelids. Again, I LOVE to see the creative and unique spin my son makes with his crafts with following my example to create his own.


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