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 So the other day my husband says, “are you going to do a post about the European Championship? I really think you should.” How cute is he!

Well, moms worldwide, it never hurts to educate yourself on some basic facts regarding sports whether local or international. For the American moms, you might even impress your hubbies with some information they aren’t even familiar with. So here are the basics and some interesting facts.


The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, also referred to as Euro 2012, began this last Friday, June 8, and will continue until the first of July. There are 16 teams competing. In order to get a ticket to this event, you had to apply. More than 12 million applications were turned in but only 1.4 million were ticketed for the 31 tournament matches. March 2011 was the deadline for applications.


After having lived in Ireland and following their soccer team, I must say that I’m excited to see The Republic of Ireland, after 24 years, return to play in the European finals. Might have to root for them just to shake it up with my German hubby! Actually, after listening and watching the video: “The Rocky Road to Poland”, official Ireland song for Euro 2012, click here, I think I will be rooting for the Irish. Something about their music, plus my own memories of living there, always gives me chills and makes me want to dance a jig.


Click here for the Official Euro 2012 song and video: “Endless Summer” by the German singer Oceana.


“Creating History Together” is the slogan for this year’s tournament. Poland and Ukraine wanted a slogan reflecting current unification as two individual Eastern nations coming together, first time to host, producing a successful and great tournament in the history of the European Championship. Click here for the official Polish song for the tournament. It’s ummm maybe not super catchy but very Polish!


There have been many problems arising from Ukraine in preparing for this tournament such as animal cruelty 220px-Yulia Tymoshenko_November_2009-3croppedcharges (killing stray cats and dogs to prepare for Euro 2012), racism surfacing in Ukrainian supporters, boycott calls following the mistreatment of Yulia Tymoshenko’s , picture right, treatment in a Ukrainian prison, terrorist attacks in a host city back in April which injured 29 people, protests against sex tourism, and hotels overcharging. It should be interesting to see if everything runs smoothly for the games being played there and the tourists visiting the country.


Four seeding pots have been created. Each team competes, 3 games, against others in their pot. Then the two winnings teams go on to compete against the other winning teams from other pots. The Euro cup is sometimes thought to be more difficult and challenging than the world cup because the competition is more intense. This is because there are less teams competing and every team in the Euro cup is more evenly matched as far as strength.

Pot 1

Pot 2

Pot 3

Pot 4



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