Expectations for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day, What sort of Mother’s Day did you have? Do you have expectations for Mother’s Day? I think things are looking up for me personally. I don’t even want to talk about my very first mother’s day and the last two, my never-get-sick kids were sick. The last three Mother’s Days, I had had high expectations and was then disappointed. This Mother’s Day, I didn’t have high expectations and was pleasantly surprised to have a calm and relaxing day. We had a nice start, attending church with lots of happy mother’s day greetings, which I just loved, a nice family lunch, a much needed nap (the whole family), some time playing outside, lots of hugs from my toddler that understood today was a special day for me, and time to sit and write some upcoming posts for the blog. My husband really pulled through this weekend to try and give me some relaxing time, time to spend with my mom and that alone was a nice break and the best gift for Mother’s Day.

On a side note, so often, when my children nap, I should try and also nap but I never do because that is usually my only opportunity to cook, clean or mark other duties off my “to do list.” Does this ever happen to anyone else? This Mother’s Day, I really enjoyed just putting all that aside to not only take a nap but take a nap with my husband and children. Time enjoying rest and cuddling is just the absolute perfect gift, period!

Last year, my husband attempted to cook breakfast in bed for me because at one point when we were watching a movie and saw a husband surprising his wife with breakfast in bed, I commented on how I had always wanted that. Only, when my husband tried to gift me a breakfast in bed I had sick children who were crying and whining and clinging to me, and he took so long to cook, our toddler had a hunger breakdown tantrum. Finally, when breakfast was finished, it wasn’t anything I really wanted to eat, it was actually his first attempt ever in his life to make bacon and eggs. I couldn’t sit because the kids were only wanting me to hold them so I didn’t get breakfast in bed but was standing in the middle of the kitchen trying to quickly eat something that resembled a breakfast. The twins were crying to be breastfed, my husband was peacefully sitting down at the kitchen table eating with our toddler, and I got overwhelmed at seeing the biggest breakfast mess in the kitchen and was thinking about when I was going to clean….good intentions gone bad.

This year, I gave my husband’s good intention to love on me by just asking him to please not serve me breakfast in bed or surprise me with anything but to just ask what I would like for Mother’s Day. While I do appreciate the memories from his surprise Mother’s Day attempts at gifting in the past, all I really wanted was some truly relaxing time to just write, rest and enjoy the kids without me having to do everything for them. So this year, my husband really pulled through and I got to rest, write some, and didn’t do any feeding (except for breastfeeding), bathing or diaper changing the whole day. Now that is a nice break!

How was your Mother’s Day? Did your husband make this a memorable Mother’s Day? If he did, did he live up to your expectations? Do you even have expectations for Mother’s Day? What did you do for your mother, or another mother, this Mother’s Day?

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