Family Friday: Caring for Mom

On Fridays we will share some ideas on how to improve your family values or life. The hope is that as you end a busy week and enter the weekend with your family that you can reflect on these ideas and connect as a family through them. If you ever come across something you think would be great to share, please share with us on our Contact Us page.

As May comes to an end, we think back to Mother’s Day which was followed by National Women’s Health Week: May 13-19, 2015…So as we go into this weekend and reflect upon Family Friday, I thought it would be appropriate and needed to think about caring for the mothers around us, including ourselves. As a mom now, I see how much my mom sacrificed herself throughout my life to ensure me and my brother had the things we needed or wanted. I have also sacrificed mentally and physically for my boys and, if I had to do it all over again, I would maybe even sacrifice more. So is the life of a mom! I chose my level of sacrifice to the level of attention and life that I wanted to give to my kids. So is the life of all parents! Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, we all have sacrificed greatly.

The more into motherhood that I delve, I see the importance on caring for mothers all around me. When I’m not taking care of myself, I see it reflected in the lack of energy needed to keep up with my three boys. When I’m not getting the sleep or pampering needed, I see it reflected in my lack of patience with all my family members, including myself. When I’m not eating healthy or getting some cardio exercise then I see myself becoming insecure with my self image and feeling more negative and smiling less. I even see the difference with my own mother. When she spends the summers swimming in the pool with us, getting in some exercise, sun, and fun family time, she is much more positive and lighthearted.

With this post, I hope to spread the message that usually moms are not good at taking care of themselves. Moms need encouragement, whether it be a challenge through a National Women’s Health Week, pampering from a husband, coffee with a friend, a mother’s only weekend away, encouragement to be on top of preventative health care, a fitbit challenge, communication to see that everything is ok or just some quiet time and a day off to be just a woman and not a mom. I especially love the cards gifted from my boys that answer all the questions as to why they love me and what they love about me…..To love on our moms, maybe we can simply ask them, did you feel loved and cared for this past Mother’s Day and how can I continue to do that? Ask the mother(s) in your life questions regarding her health. Examples and important questions can be resourced via our post National Women’s Health Week.

Mother’s Day is celebrated one day in hopes to remind all of us to reflect on caring for mom! Our Family Friday challenge is to spend this weekend still going out of your way to care for mom, but to also think greater into their mental and physical health. Ask yourself, if you are a mom, are you taking care of you so you can be the wife and mother needed. Husbands, do you really know the mental and physical health of your wife and mother to your children? And are you explimifying to your children the importance of taking care of mom? What about grandmothers? Are they taking the care of themselves mentally and physically? What encouragement can you give to them? Caring for mom also shows children the importance of family and continually supporting and loving one another, and not just on designated days.

Family Friday Challenge: How can you improve the care for mom in your family? Whether it be for your mom, your wife, or you as the mom? Ask the mom in your life if she is feeling cared for and if not, how can you care for her.

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. You are so right! Wise mommies take care of themselves first because their energy is what helps everyone else. I like to say, put your own oxygen mask on first, just like on the airplace, because of this. Great post!


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